Pure cut

Puur Geknipt on the Voorstraat is a natural hairdresser where respect for people, animals and the environment goes without saying. Men, women and children of all ages get their hair cut here.

No ppd, ammonia or resorcinol is used to dye the hair. The dyes used at Puur Geknipt are completely ecological. Dyeing can be done with a dye, but also with plants. Only natural and vegan hair products are used during the treatments, which the clients experience as experiences.

In addition to hairdressing, Puur Geknipt sells natural, non-toxic care products both in the salon and in the webshop. The products are selected with great care. The ingredients of all products are individually checked, as a quality mark is not always enough. The overall picture is very important, so that not only the content is organic, but that the entire production process takes nature into account.

The building on the Voorstraat, near the Grote Kerk, exudes an authentic and serene atmosphere. Here, the ideals are brought to life. Those ideals revolve around naturalness and sustainability. This has been the standard at Puur Geknipt since the start in 2015 and the natural hairdresser stands by it.

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