Rebel with a twist

Rebel with a Twist is the wool store of the Netherlands with the largest collection of Japanese yarns in the whole country. Rebel with a Twist has a special collection of wool and yarns for which customers from all over the Netherlands come to Dordrecht.

The store also carries a large selection of knitting magazines, books, project bags and needles. From a beautiful sustainable base wool to a special hand-dyed wool, from Merino to cashmere and from wool with paper to wool with stainless steel: there is plenty to choose from at Rebel with a Twist. In doing so, attention is paid to the sustainable aspect, combined with animal welfare: Rebel with a Twist considers it important that animals have an animal-friendly existence and that work is done in a fair way.

The passion for creativity is also expressed outside the shop. There is a variety of offerings with fun and educational workshops. 

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Rebel With A Twist shopping downtown Dordrecht

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November 06, 2023

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