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The (wet and cold) winter months are upon us, but that doesn't stop our downtown Dordt business owners. After all, there is plenty of activity in the city again. Enough reasons to catch up with entrepreneurs and shopkeepers.

From relocations to new water buses, there is activity in the city!

Back from the road: Indo Coffee Bali

The entrepreneurs Ruud and Kitty Hagenstein are delighted: they are back at their old, familiar location at Vriesestraat 100. Coffee store Indo Koffie Bali used to be the site of juice bar Djuuz, but now there are coffee beans from Bali from their own plantation, Indian specialties and snacks again! Just like in the past. Because a few years ago Ruud and Kitty left the building on the Vriesestraat, to go on an adventure abroad. But they are back. And how! Ruud and Kitty no longer do catering, but go for Indian snacks and snack specialties, sandwiches and other delicacies. How about rice rolls with chicken, a rendang sandwich, bara with vegetables or roti? "It feels like coming home," thinks Ruud, who uses only halal meat in their business. "A familiar address! We are also still at the weekly market on Fridays with a stall. There Kitty walks around with the coffee pot."

Indo Koffie Bali, Vriesestraat 100
Indo Coffee Bali food drink Dordrecht

Wool, yarns and workshops in national monument

Just so you know: wool store Rebel With a Twist has moved, and from the Nieuwe Haven to the Voorstraat. First Alexandra Bonnebroek had a store at the bottom of her house, but when she got the chance to go bigger, she decided to take it. A building of this size also gives Alexandra the chance to conduct her workshops in all the space she needs. How special in a building that is a National Monument! The entrepreneur also now no longer has to drag all kinds of materials around, there is plenty of room to put everything nicely. "All the colors are now nicely displayed next to each other. It's great to have a bigger building. Customer reactions are very good. Many people come from outside Dordrecht because I sell quite special yarns. They combine a visit to my store with a tour of the city."

Rebel With a Twist, Front Street 440
Rebel With A Twist shopping downtown Dordrecht

Hybrid water buses: sustainable water transportation

You may already have sailed a lap in them: the new hybrid water buses that sail in and around Dordrecht, such as to Kinderdijk and Rotterdam. There are six hybrid variants and three completely electric. It was about time, as the equipment had not been renewed since 1999. With these new water buses, liveability, accessibility and sustainability have been taken to the next level, according to Gerbrand Schutten, CEO at Aqualiner, carrier of the Waterbus. "There were some technical setbacks, so it took a little longer, but the boats are completely sustainable. The six hybrid water buses are powered by an electric motor, with batteries on board being recharged during the day. This way you sail entirely electric, with no emissions, and that's a huge step forward. Sustainability has also been considered on board: everything is made of circular materials. By 2030 at the latest, we hope that all water buses will be electric."

Waterbus / Aqualiner
Waterbus transportation accessibility skyline Dordrecht

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