Smokery Butcher Shop

For more than 20 years, butcher's shop de Smokerie has guaranteed quality meat. At this butcher's shop, you will find an extensive range of honest meat and other specialities that the business is always innovating with. The shop is located halfway the Kleine Spuistraat.

For the best, most tasteful free-range meat, the Smokerie is the place to be. But that's not all: they also prepare fresh soups and various home-made stews. Not only easy, but also very tasty! And have you tried the home-made dry sausage with Rutte Gin, wine or beer? Taste, experience and enjoy the quality of 100 percent butcher quality free-range meat. Meat as meat should be!

Butcher's shop the Smokerie also provides culinary barbecues on an original American Smoker on location. This is an enormous wood-fired barbecue that ensures an optimal taste experience. A culinary surprise!

The chef likes to work with large pieces of free-range meat so that you get the optimal taste experience and the ultimate barbecue feeling. Fish, poultry and vegetarian dishes are also possible on the barbecue. Have you seen the newest barbecue-mobile? A Smoker on an Ape Piaggio. 

Discover Butcher's shop the Smokerie

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