In 2024 Pictura will celebrate its 250th anniversary. In this anniversary year 2024, many special exhibitions and other wonderful things are planned. A number of cultural partners in the city will join in with their own events, in cooperation with Pictura. More information and exact dates on the respective sites. More current info can be found on the site.

As a stage for contemporary art, Pictura organizes eight exhibitions a year. Here, visitors have the opportunity to come into contact with contemporary art and the very latest developments in the art world. Activities organized around the exhibition program include: lectures, concerts and artist talks.

Especially for primary and secondary school students, Pictura has developed an education program that teaches them how to consciously deal with art, both as a personal means of expression and as a cultural phenomenon.

Since 1901, the society has been located in the monumental building "Dit is in Oostenrijck," originally built in 1561. The artists had (and still have) studios and exhibition spaces there, which is unique in the Netherlands. Over the centuries, hundreds of artists have been members of Pictura. A good number of artists also enjoyed great fame outside of Dordrecht, such as Abraham van Strij, Johannes Cornelis Schotel, Willy Sluijter and Otto Dicke.

Today Pictura is an active society with over 130 working and 100 art-loving members.

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