If you are looking for a special place to stay, TofHof really comes highly recommended. TofHof is a surprisingly fine Airbnb in the historic center on a picturesque little street: the Hofstraat. The monumental warehouse is adjacent to the Hof van Nederland, is within walking distance of numerous restaurants of all smells and tastes and sits close to the beautiful old harbors, cinema and not to mention all kinds of museums. The location really couldn't be better and exactly this place, among other things, is the charm of TofHof. The Airbnb is finely decorated and occupies the entire second floor of the monumental warehouse. To get there you do have to climb two flights of stairs, but it's well worth it, because a huge comfortable king-size bed, a fantastic rain shower and vinyl records await you in this special overnight spot in the heart of the city. So you can be for AND the neighbors of Hof van Nederland! And that at a prime location in a popular street in Dordrecht - the ideal ingredients for optimal enjoyment in this city that has much to offer in all sorts of areas.

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Charlie Charlie Lima hairdresser Vriesestraat center Dordrecht
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May 22, 2023

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