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The sun is coming through again and then there is nothing better than getting out the door and going out. Discovering new stores and businesses is a must! Because they have certainly been added in Dordrecht lately.

From juice bar to hair salon run by girlfriends!

For a while neighbors of Hof van Nederland

B&B TofHof has been a guesthouse in the heart of the city center, in the picturesque Hofstraat, since the beginning of this year. Since it is adjacent to the Hof van Nederland, you are neighbors of this museum for a while when you stay here! On the second floor of the monumental warehouse, Marion van Ballegooy, like the previous owner, decided to start a B&B and she hasn't regretted it for a second. "I fell in love with this house and upon seeing the attic space, I decided to start a guesthouse," she said. Marion also works in healthcare and finds that this is a great combo. It's both about caring, but in two very different ways, and she really enjoys that. "The people are super-enthusiastic and the guesthouse is constantly full. I get to know all kinds of cultures because I interact with guests from different countries. I often only have to ask a few questions and people already burst out with the most wonderful stories. And when they look outside and see the little street, they really fall for it. Understandably, because this beloved little street is a prime location!"

B&B TofHof, Hofstraat 3
TofHof B&B Hofstraat overnight stay center Dordrecht

Friends give living room feel in hair salon

Bobby van der Graaf and Daisy Friebel are no strangers to the hairdressing profession. And not from each other, as they have been friends for years. Friendship is one thing, but would working together as entrepreneurs work? Bobby and Daisy found that it would. They started their own hair salon Charlie Charlie Lima. For women, men and children and offer everything in the field of cutting, coloring and color correction. And that turned out to be a hit, say the ladies. "It's the perfect formula to start on our island. Our partnership is great! We are four hands in one; a well-oiled machine. It's very fluid on the floor. We drive each other's creativity and find inspiration from each other." The ladies - who love inclusiveness and environmentally friendly work - are both originally from Dordrecht and feel completely in their element in "their" city. "We just belong in the atmosphere of Dordrecht. Here we feel like a fish in the water. The business is doing well, we notice that our style attracts people. Just the style in the salon appeals to people: a real Dordrecht living room feel, as if you're sitting at the dinner table."

Charlie Charlie Lima, Vriesestraat 93
Charlie Charlie Lima hairdresser Vriesestraat center Dordrecht

Small in size, big in juices

Juice bar Djuuz only has 15 square meters and consists of selling from a window, but that does not mean the store has a small assortment. Juices, bowls, smoothies: the menu ranges from "Pastel dream" and "Exotic summer" to "Island vitamins" and "Acai bowl. It is already the fourth business that entrepreneur Tjeerd de Knijf opened with his wife Maud de Knijf in Dordrecht. He thought it was a shame that the premises remained empty and thought, 'we'll think of something'. That became a juice bar with to-go products. A 'nice weather concept,' as Tjeerd also calls it. "Nobody is going to walk through town in cold weather with a scarf on to get a cold smoothie, but if the weather is good, people soon know where to find Djuuz. In particular, the smoothies are running very well. Like the "Island vitamins," with various yellow and red fruits. A real spring drink, with five different kinds of fruit." The bowls are also a nice addition to the menu: they are packed with healthy ingredients, ideal for when you want to go into summer healthy! For now, sales are still from a window, but if the business continues to run well, Tjeerd plans to decorate the premises Balinese in the winter period and put some tables there.

Djuuz, Vriesestraat 100
Djuuz smoothie juice drink Vriesestraat Dordrecht

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