Schoonenberg World of Hearing

New in the Netherlands, experienced in the hearing industry

At World of Hearing we focus on the very best solutions for hearing. We do this by working together with top producers and Schoonenberg. Our producers develop the most high-end devices at the moment and Schoonenberg has more than 90 years of experience in the hearing industry. By combining innovation, knowledge and a real-life experience, we at World of Hearing can let you experience what a hearing aid can do for you, directly with us in the Experience Room. With this new way of experiencing, testing and choosing, we offer you the hearing of the future.

Experience & Live

Imagine a real-life situation. Enter the Experience Room, a mini cinema with a life-sized screen and the ultimate sound experience. Noises in the restaurant, ambient noise at a meeting or chitchat at a party: here you can experience live what a hearing aid does for you. You are put in a real-life situation - even the snacks from the party are projected on the table. Choose and test which device helps you best.

Let your partner experience how you hear the world. That too is possible in the Experience Room. And that is often an eye-opener. And so parents can also experience what their hearing-impaired child experiences. You are in the middle of it together.

Welcome to the World of Hearing.

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