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Spring is just around the corner and that's a good thing, because there's plenty to do in Dordrecht again. We would therefore like to put you in the mood for spring, to get you in the mood for spring. There is plenty of activity in enterprising Dordrecht. Enough reasons to catch up with entrepreneurs and shopkeepers.

From a move to a new store: there is activity in town!

MEES home & concept store: for home, garden and terrace

Interior lovers beware: there is a brand new home furnishing store on the Voorstraat: MEES home & concept store. From vases to birdhouses and from cards to carafes - you will find a mix of interior products. Among other things by young designers. You can find all kinds of fun things for your home, garden and balcony. Already an entrepreneur, Andrea Klingler decided to take on a new challenge when she was asked to become co-owner. And she likes it very much. "It's a bright store that makes you nice and cheerful! We have beautiful Danish design as well as colorful home accessories. It's great fun to run this store. Just because people walk in throughout the day, it's very cozy. All sorts of different people come into the store - from tourists to Dordrechters, so you all hear great stories." No doubt it also makes a difference that the store is in a prominent spot: on Voorstraat west, right across from the city hall. Not to be missed! The loft hosts workshops, such as ceramic decorating and home accessories making.

MEES home & concept store, Voorstraat 324
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French fries with an experience at Bijzonder Frietwerk

When Maurice van Lieshout wanted to combine his work as a job coach with his catering experience, he came up with a bright idea: he started Bijzonder Frietwerk, on the Voorstraat. According to him, 'more than a cafeteria', not only with fresh artisan fries and snacks, but also with special products. Take the vegan snacks, for example, or the loaded fries with handmade toppings. Add to that the appearance reminiscent of a restaurant and you have something special, according to Maurice. "An experience has really been created. The place has been open since December and does need to be discovered, but we can't complain about how it's going. There are already quite a few returning guests and are getting nothing but good feedback." The "special" in the name also refers to the employees. In fact, the new store also has a social purpose. "Bijzonder Frietwerk employs people who are in a reintegration program or have a distance to the labor market. For example, someone who has just left vocational school and comes here to gain work experience. Or a person with autism. These people come into their own at Bijzonder Frietwerk."

Special Fries, Voorstraat 317


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Hello Dordrecht, two sisters one store

In the past, anyone walking around the Blekersdijk would stumble upon gift and souvenir store Hallo Dordrecht. A fine location for three years, but it could be better with accessibility, thought twin sisters and owners Alice and Chantal Malschaert. They not only run Hallo Dordrecht, but also an advertising company. Since January, both companies are in one building together on the Voorstraat, completely intertwined. Also new: city walks from Ontdek Dordrecht start from this location. Alice: "Spontaneous visits were out of the question at the old location, so we started looking for new premises. We found it! This is a perfect location for our stuff with a Dordrecht touch. We really like the new location. We do not know what is happening to us, so many customers and good reactions we are getting. Many tourists come to Hallo Dordrecht, but also real Dordrecht people who say: 'finally there is something nice in town again'. So it has definitely been a good move to move to the inner city."

Hello Dordrecht, Voorstraat 276
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