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Summer is upon us and then nothing is more fun to get outside and soak up the sunshine. There are plenty of new downtown business owners to let you enjoy the upcoming summer days. From active getaways to grooming stores and new restaurants.  

Downtown Dordrecht continues to surprise with these (new) entrepreneurs!

Special combo: waxing and painting nails

Have your hair removed with sugar wax or hot wax and also have your nails done with gel polish and BIAB? This is now possible at wax and nail studio Studio Wax & Lacquer. Owner Kim Blokvoort is originally a beautician and worked for thirteen years in a shoe store, also on the Voorstraat. When things "went a little down" with this business, Kim decided to do something else. She thought about what would make her happy and soon found herself in the beauty business. She took training and courses and thought about working as an employee. In fact, Kim already had her eye on a waxing salon. But she saw that there was space in the premises on Voorstraat and decided to start for herself. "This came my way, fortunately, because it's going really well. Already from day one I have quite a few appointments in my calendar. Although there is always room for more, of course. You don't see the combination of waxing and nails much, this appeals to people. Great, because not only can I help people, but I'm also working on my passion! I don't have to consult with anyone and am proud of what I do because I do everything for myself."

Studio Wax & Lak, Voorstraat 277
Studio Wax & Lacquer care nails center Dordrecht

Indoor location DRIJF is starting point

DRIJF has been offering outings on the water for a long time, but now they have something new: an indoor location, under the name "DRIJF in. It is the starting point for DRIJF's activities. What exactly is it? A "little bit of everything," according to Jacob and Dorien van Poppel. "We are not a coffee bar, not a lunch store and not a typical pub. It's our home base less than a five-minute walk from the sloops we do the activities on. We host groups at the indoor location, and companies can go there, too, to have meetings first and then go out on one of our outings. It's actually an extension of our activities." DRIJF employees work there and prepare the food for the sloops. Thus, "DRIJF inside" has four functions: a reception area for groups, a meeting location for companies, a food-preparation function and an office function for the employees. Jacob and Dorien: "A welcome addition, which also means an expansion of our activities. In the indoor location, in fact, people can choose an escape box: a suitcase that you have to crack." Now you can do that nicely inside!

THRIVE inside, Blindeliedengasthuissteeg 18
DRIJF Dordrecht drift inward activities

Ode to oliebollenbakker

The son of the late Ron van der Weijden, Dordrecht's most famous oliebollenbakker, pays tribute to his father. Sebastiaan van der Weijden has opened Ron's Poffertjessalon in a cozy building on the Achterom. Two floors large, with soon also a considerable outdoor terrace. Sebastiaan was already continuing the well-known Ron's Pastry Stall, but felt it was time for an extra step. "I thought to myself, 'what am I going to do in the summer?' Then I got the idea to start a poffertjes salon." For a month and a half Sebastiaan remodeled the premises and now people can go there for poffertjes with all kinds of toppings as well as apple pie and drinks, among other things. The specialty is and always will be poffertjes. And for those yearning for oliebollen: Sebastian already knows that there will be oliebollen available at Ron's Poffertjessalon for the last two weeks of the year. Until then, he knows they'll be fine. "I already have regular customers. People all wish me well. Good, because I still have plenty of plans. For example, I also want to host children's parties in the poffertjessalon. We're going to make something beautiful out of it!"

Ron's Poffertjessalon, Achterom 100
Ron's Poffertjessalon food Dordrecht

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