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It has been known for some time, but it is becoming increasingly clear: Dordrecht is an entrepreneurial city. More and more new stores are opening, including in recent weeks. And is a building not quite to the liking of an entrepreneur? No problem - major renovation and the business is again ready for the future.

Entrepreneurs show their passion.

Vino Di Marco: (wine) hobby becomes work

In 2020, Marco van Asch started a webshop in wine, during the corona period. This literally and figuratively tasted like more, as he is now opening a physical store on the Voorstraat. Marco lives above the store, he tackled first his house and then the store. You'll find a wide selection of wines - from house wine to champagne and everything in between! Marco - who holds wine tastings on location - has always enjoyed being entrepreneurial. "I like having contact with people and you can't do that through a webshop. There you can't tell your story and in a store you can. I so want to share my enthusiasm with others! Wonderful that I could make my hobby my work." You can buy wine in the store itself, order through the webshop and pick it up at Vino Di Marco or have your wine package delivered nicely (for free) in Dordrecht.

Vino Di Marco, Front Street 425
Vino Di Marco wine store shopping center Dordrecht

MediaMarkt, four formats on one floor

MediaMarkt Dordrecht looks back on a complete renovation, after which the store reopened. You can shop to your heart's content in the brand new store. Since its opening ten years ago, this branch has built up a great clientele. No doubt you have looked around yourself, looking for an electronics product. Because you'll find plenty of those at MediaMarkt Dordrecht! "We are super proud that now also our store has been adapted to the new international format strategy, distinguishing between four formats," says store director Soner Demiralp. "In addition to the Lighthouse, Small and Express, our assortment is now as Core Center format, conveniently located on one floor and tailored to the specific needs of our customers. And that it is catching on is evident from the hugely positive feedback from our customers."

MediaMarkt Dordrecht, Johan de Wittstraat 15

New lunchroom Loki's Room

Even when Jennifer de Boer was in high school, she had the idea of starting her own lunchroom. She then took a course in hospitality management and entrepreneurial training and worked in a lunchroom, among other things. Until the idea of having her own lunchroom really began to mature. Jennifer opened the doors of her Loki's Room. She sells tableware in a more upscale segment and enjoys your coffee, tea and pastries at one of the tables in the store. The pastries Jennifer - who also sells ice cream in her store - makes all by herself. ,,It's nice that I can offer people a place to get together and have a drink and a pastry. I'm on the edge of the center and notice that a lot of people from the immediate neighborhood come here, as well as tourists. Customers really like the fact that they can buy the tableware they eat from and drink from."

Loki's Room, Vleeshouwersstraat 14
Loki's Room food drink Vleeshouwersstraat center Dordrecht

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