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Chances are that as you walk through downtown, you'll come across all kinds of new businesses again. For example, stop by new acquisitions such as Daily Meel, Stadsklooster Dordt and Mezze Gourmet.

Discover all the new entrepreneurs this winter!

Mezze Gourmet: olives, tapas and more

Watch out when you step inside Mezze Gourmet: chances are you'll walk out with bags full of goodies! This is because the tapas and olive store is one big oasis of taste. You will find various types of cold tapas, tzatziki, garlic sauce, stuffed peppers, various kinds of olives and feta cheese products. Nalan Sakzeki came up with the idea through the weekly market. "There you often find these products, but why not also in a store? That's why I decided to start Mezze Gourmet. You can come there whenever you feel like it. I really like running my own business. The customers and other entrepreneurs are warm-hearted and very helpful." Nalan went from an office job to running her own business and is happy to have a different approach. "Now I speak to clients face-to-face. Very nice! I just started, but already have regular customers." Among other things, they come for Mezze Gourmet's top seller: Italian olives, with a tasty bright green color.

Mezze Gourmet, Voorstraat 266
Mezze Gourmet food store olives olive Dordrecht

Melian bakes everything herself at Daily Meel

A coffee and lunch room with a vintage look: at Daily Meel you can enjoy yourself. Owner Melian den Heeten bakes her own cakes and cookies and if possible, she also makes the chocolates that pass over the counter herself. In other words, she bakes everything she feels like and has time for. Melian has been working in the hospitality industry for a long time and was more often than not on the verge of starting up for herself, but for all sorts of reasons she still didn't. But when she heard that the premises on Nieuwstraat became available, she didn't hesitate for a moment. ,,I always had a good feeling about this property. So I decided to go for it. I had come up with the name a few years ago, with 'Flour' in it because of my pet name." Sandwiches, cakes, coffee, cakes - Melian sells all kinds of things. The menu is not standard, like a peanut butter sandwich with sambal and egg and humus with grilled eggplant. Everything Melian makes herself, using fresh and mostly local products. , "I find running my own business even more fun than I expected! This is really my thing."

Daily Meel, New Street 8
Daily Meel food drink lunchroom Dordrecht

City Monastery Dordt is place of meeting

Stadsklooster Dordt is a hotel with 9 rooms and 50 so-called hostel-pods. Cabins with comfortable beds, but plenty of privacy! You close your sleeping cabin with a curtain. At Stadsklooster Dordt you will also find a restaurant where you reserve a place at a table instead of a complete table, a café, function room and chapel. "We want to be a place of meeting, connection and inspiration," says Rob Veenstra-van Amerongen. "Stadsklooster Dordt is, as far as we are concerned, a hub where all kinds of people come together. Society needs connection. We like to contribute to that with Stadsklooster Dordt. From the Stadsklooster you are directly in the middle of the lively city, but you also notice the peace in the hidden courtyard. A beautiful combination!

Stadsklooster Dordt, Vriesestraat 117
Stadsklooster Dordt hotel restaurant overnight Dordrecht

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