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The shops, restaurants and culture are open again and new original initiatives start. Be surprised at Wish, Halte13 and the Outdoor Escape or one of the other cool companies that recently started up in the city centre of Dordrecht.

March is already a fantastic start to a wonderful spring!

Halte 13, the biggest Pokémon shop in NL

Big and small Pokémon fans enter a magical dream world as soon as they cross the threshold of Halte 13 (part of Card Advantage). They really do have everything in this shop run by Suzanne Boeter and her husband. Apart from the cards, of course, they also sell gadgets such as caps, bags and T-shirts. What started as a home-based shop in cards from Magic: The Gathering (MTG) has grown into a (web) shop with cards from trading card games that travel the world. "We are very happy that we could start a real shop at this location, in the market hall behind lunchroom Hartje Stad. Here we try to make the magic surrounding the card games as tangible as possible." Do you own cards and want to know what the value is? Halte 13 is the only shop in the Netherlands where you can hand in your cards for grading, without the risk of losing them in the post.

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Halte 13 Pokémon shop Dordrecht

Outside Escape, exciting scavenger hunt through the city

The rich historical inner city lends itself perfectly to exciting stories. Vincent Renken, co-owner of Outside Escape, quickly came to this conclusion during a weekend in Dordrecht. "The combination of an Escape Room and walking is a fun way to get to know the city in a different way and discover new things." At the Dordrecht Outside Escape, you and your team go in search of Willem III's involvement in the murder of the De Witt brothers, one of the most memorable assassinations in history. You are looking for a new document that may shed new light on the case. During the two-hour walk, with riddles in between, the exciting story gets closer and closer to the denouement. The start is at the Groothoofd. The only thing you need is a smartphone.

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Outdoor Escape Room walk active Dordrecht

Wish. Living with a touch of magic

Brocante, art and handmade items, since December the centre of Dordrecht has a new home furnishing shop: Wish. Owner, artist and designer Jared Gruene is at home in many markets. He describes his style as a mix between French romanticism and rustic Texas, the state where he grew up. He brought his knowledge and experience of various techniques with him from the United States, where he worked in a previous life at an art supply company. Due to corona, he lost his job. Let's start a new life, Jared and his partner decided. Fortunately for the people of Dordrecht, that new life started in the city centre with Wish, inspired by imagination and magic. The shop is open on Friday and Saturday from 11 am to 5 pm. The rest of the week Jared is on the road, looking for stylish acquisitions for his shop and designing and creating new handmade items.

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Wish antique furniture shop Dordrecht

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