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The city centre of Dordrecht continues to surprise with new shops, restaurants and other businesses. In addition, there is plenty of renovation and development going on. Omoda's premises at Bagijnhof, for example, will be renovated and expanded to include the space previously occupied by the Adam Brandstore. New modern flats will be built on the first floor.

Dordrecht is on the move. Beautiful, isn't it?

Omoda: temporarily to Voorstraat

Shoe lovers can breathe a sigh of relief. Omoda is temporarily located on the Voorstraat (middle). The building at the Bagijnhof is currently undergoing a major renovation. Assistant branch manager Manon Reijnders is confident and happy that the shop can remain open in Dordrecht in the meantime. "We are fine here. The only downside is that the warehouse is smaller here and we therefore have less storage space. We had to make choices, so now we only have the women's collection, bags and accessories in the shop and no men's or children's shoes. We can help by having shoes from other branches come in and try them on. "Manon is looking forward to working with the fine Omoda team in the beautiful new premises in March 2022. "For now, I see a great winter collection coming in. And it's great that we can offer this from here.

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Talon Delicafé: small but fine, with the walnut as its secret

In mid-August, the young Turkish entrepreneur Eline Kilincer opened her coffee bar Talon Deli Café on the Voorstraat. The space has a Mediterranean atmosphere. In addition to good coffee with gluten- and lactose-free homemade treats such as banana bread and cake, she also sells Mediterranean delicacies such as olive oil, sun-dried tomatoes, tapenade, olives, pesto and walnut butter. All these products have walnuts as an ingredient, all from her grandparents' walnut orchard in Turkey. "The taste is fantastic and the nuts are very healthy. Guilty but healthy pleasures. For that reason, I also have many vegan options." The idea for the bar originated in corona time. With a diploma in hotel studies and a great love of the hospitality industry, it was difficult to find work. The space under their house was empty and came into the picture for a bar with coffee-to-go options and some indoor and outdoor seating. They set to work and voilà, Talon: a fine coffee bar and grandpa's pet name for grandma.

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Talon deli cafe Dordrecht

Brand new store for Adam Brandstore

Menswear shop Adam Brandstore has a new location. On 1 September, the multi-brand chain moved from Bagijnhof to the building where n'Joy Chocolate used to be. The atmospheric corner location near the town hall has a beautiful light fall through the many windows. The space has been extensively renovated and painted, but the result is impressive, says saleswoman Annemieke. "A lot of work was done, it has turned out beautifully. The shop is once again packed with top brands including Tommy Hilfiger (coming in the autumn), State of Art, NZA, Vanguard and Gardeur, but of course also with our own three attractively priced brands Adam, Duetz and Eagle & Brown. A relaxed atmosphere during fitting, a cup of coffee and personal attention are just as important to us. It's great when people walk out of the shop satisfied and with a good fit. The regular customers of Adam Brandstore already know the way to the new location. For those who have not been there yet? The enthusiastic and experienced sales team will welcome you with open arms. From 11 October, also on every first Sunday of the month.

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LOTT. Beauty salon for a lot of beauty

Who is looking for perfect nails, eyelashes and eyebrows can go since September to LOTT. Beautysalon on the Voorstraat. Proud owner is Charlotte van Geenen. She has been interested in beauty from an early age. During her studies, she already did nail treatments in the evenings. Now, with her diploma in the pocket, it was time for the next step: her own salon with the extension of eyelash and eyebrow treatments. It turns out to be a bull's-eye. Anyone who wants to make an appointment - this can be done online via her website - has to be patient. For the coming period, Charlotte is already fully booked. What is her formula for success? "The space is beautiful, just look at the magnificent ceiling. Moreover, I take my time for people. I provide a cup of coffee or a glass of champagne. It is familiar and cosy, which is why many clients come back. Apart from that, the work I do is of course good. I follow the trends and keep developing myself. Biab, for instance, is a new trend where nails are strengthened from the inside in a natural way. Not many nail stylists offer this treatment yet. The variety, the continuing development and the search for challenges make me feel like working every day. It is my passion and work at the same time.

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LOTT Beautysalon Dordrecht (2)

Mr. Carpaccio opens CarpacciYo

Carpaccio is more than a starter. (Almost) everyone likes carpaccio. With these starting points, Kesslee Kasius (Mr. Carpaccio for friends) started CarpacciYo. It is a beautiful story. The love for carpaccio was always there for Kesslee, who orders and eats carpaccio whenever possible. With his boss at the Rotterdam café-restaurant Ferry, he once talked about delivering carpaccio. Because why have pizza and not carpaccio when it is so tasty? Funny of course, but then corona broke out and everything was locked up, including Ferry. Go and try it, said his boss. Kesslee set to work and what he actually already knew, because everyone likes carpaccio, happened. It went like clockwork. It even went so well that his boss is now his partner. "CarpacciYo is a pampering moment for everyone", says Kesslee enthusiastically. "We have an extensive choice of carpaccio of chicken, beef, salmon and beetroot, also in wraps and salads and suitable for lunch and main course. We have taken the success of Rotterdam to Dordrecht. This is our first real business and it is already going very well. So good that there are now plans for Zoetermeer and Berkel en Rodenrijs. CarpacciYo in Dordt: it's a wrap!

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