King of the World

Fri Oct. 18, 2024

King of the World, a household name in the Dutch music scene for over 10 years, offers Blues Rhythm and Roots of the highest level. With a new studio CD forthcoming and a Live CD/DVD out (including special guests Matt Schofield & Shirma Rouse), the gentlemen of King of the World are determined to once again live up to their reputation as the hardest working band in the Netherlands.

After its formation in 2012, the band was quickly labeled a "supergroup" because of the rich musical history of its members, including Snowy White, Matt Schofield, Cuby & the Blizzards, and others. Now, twelve years later, King of the World remains more than worthy of this title and the band has lost none of its energy, drive and creativity. Featuring Belgian guitar virtuoso Stef Delbaere and singer/drummer Marlon Pichel, the band has reinvented itself and stands for quality roots, rhythm & blues with a diversity of vocal highs.

The band has built a stellar reputation both in the studio and on stage, receiving rave reviews for their six previous albums and many shows, including at the North Sea Jazz Festival, Ribs 'n Blues, Vienna Spring Blues Festival,Paradiso, and other Dutch pop temples. In addition, the band has received numerous Blues Awards, including for best keyboardist, best drummer, best bassist (3x), best guitarist, and best band. Gitarist Magazine counts Stef Delbaere among the top blues/rock guitarists in the Benelux. King of the World has been seen and heard several times in TV and radio shows, including Vrije Geluiden (TV), Pauw and Witteman (TV 2x), Derksen on the Road (TV), Jongens van het Noorden (TV), Spijkers met Koppen (radio) and TROS-muziekcafé́ (radio).On the upcoming CD (2nd half 2024) a new band sound can be heard with more room for the vocal qualities of the band members, with singer/drummer/composer Marlon Pichel taking an increasing role.

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