Fri Nov. 10, 2023 - Sun Nov. 24, 2024

Giggling at pictures of naked bodies, discomfort at explanations of condoms, fear of STDs. Many people have mixed feelings about their own sex education at school. That's a shame and it could be better. Open and honest.

Aahhhh...! shows, that relational and sex education is about much more than that one chapter in school biology textbooks. Giving and receiving education is not only important. It can also be educational, exciting and fun.

Now on display.

Family Exhibition

In this family exhibition you will learn all about the body, sexuality, gender and consent in a surprising, personal and interactive way. Decide for yourself what you discover and what you don't. 

Enter the exhibit with your own LIVE book, take the Family Tickle Tour or let the cuddly Flikvlooi guide you and your young family through the exhibit. 

Discovering, growing pains, celebrating

Decide what you discover and what you share with others. Skip the topics that are uncomfortable for you. 

The exhibition is divided into three themes of discovery, growing pains and celebration. Discovery: learning by doing. Choose your own information. Growing pains: learning by listening. There is information on recognition and reflection. Celebrating: learning by sharing. Conversation, sharing experiences and interaction. You will find these three themes in the 3 pavilions in the exhibition.

The exhibition focuses specifically on the history of sex education in education. So much emphasis on contraceptives? Is AIDS preventable through education? Social developments largely determined what was discussed in the classroom. And what wasn't.


An extensive educational program for primary and secondary schools accompanies this exhibition.

For full offerings, check here.


The Education Museum collaborates with many organizations and agencies for Aahhh...! to highlight multiple angles of the topic. As a platform for social formation and education (history), the National Education Museum thoroughly demonstrates society's influence on sexual and relationship education and how sexual education has (had) an impact on society. The exhibition informs and normalizes in a safe and inclusive way. 

Activities, events and lectures

In addition to visiting the exhibition, there is also a calendar that includes various activities. In this programming, various themes from the exhibition are explained and explored in greater depth. Get carried away by impressive theater shows, attend a lecture by Rutgers or an informative meeting of the COC. In addition, there is also room to get involved yourself. Follow a creative workshop or learn more about asexuality or sexual pleasure during a lecture.

Through various activities, you will have the space to learn more about specific topics in the exhibition. In addition, you will get the chance to interact with other visitors here and get to know each other. There is something for everyone! Whether you are an educational professional, a parent or teacher. Or just looking for an enriching experience. Check out the program, stop by and be amazed!

Aahhh...!, everyone is welcome there!

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