3x Father's Day ideas

3x father's day ideas - Dordt vlogt

Today Vera Britt takes you to three shops where you can buy the perfect presents for Father's Day. You can always surprise your father with a delicious breakfast! Vera Britt first goes to Nobel's Brood, situated at the foot of the Grote Kerk. A special bakery in a special part of Dordrecht. The next Father's Day gift tip is Scheer & Schuim, located on the Vriesestraat near the crossing with the Sarisgang.

A little further along the Vriesestraat, in the direction of the Vriesebrug, is today's 3rd destination; Distilleerderij Rutte & Zn. Here you will find a wide selection of jenevers, liqueurs and whiskey-like distillates.

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