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Looking for the best ice cream in Dordrecht!

The most delicious are those from the ice cream parlour, where there is, of course, a wide choice. That can also be tricky. The phrase "Just go with euh...." is often heard by hesitant customers in many an ice cream parlour. It even prompted a business in Driehuis to place a tray of 'euh ice cream' in its display cabinet. We have not yet seen this in Dordrecht. We did see many creamy scoops, love for the trade and delighted customers.

As soon as the sun starts shining you can actually enjoy ice cream treats. Scoring a treat like this is just always a good idea, right?

Good ice cream on the edge of the centre

Paolo Gervasio is the epitome of a proud Italian. The owner of La Venezia works passionately day in and day out to create good ice cream. "Our secret is that we work with fresh products and, above all, with love. It's really true what they say: you can taste that. Although ice cream flavors seem to become more and more extreme over the years, with us the traditional flavors are still the most popular. Banana, pistachio and malaga make up the top three." The number of sunshine hours the Netherlands had last year was top'. "For an ice cream parlor owner, that's kind of a dream. Customers came by more often, ordering 1 or 2 scoops at a time. Is the weather bad and is there a nice day in between? Then we sell 4 or 5 bulbs at a time much more often." Paolo he says has "the most beautiful profession in the world. "I don't want to do anything else. Children, and adults too, are made happy by ice cream. I always see happy faces in the store. That remains beautiful. What makes La Venezia unique? That we have been in Dordrecht for over 90 years. Generations of Dordrechters have grown up with us."

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La Venezia - Ice cream parlour

Ultimate flavor: Cherry Garcia

Superb is also the case of De Remise, on Grotekerksbuurt. The Remise exclusively serves Ben & Jerry's ice cream. "There are pints for sale, but we also have a nice scoop ice cream display case. This includes the flavor Cherry Garcia, which is not available here in the supermarket. Surely the most popular flavor of Ben & Jerry's remains Cookie Dough. It is the best in all of Europe. It is also popular in Dordrecht, but especially with the scoop ice cream variants, people often like to try something different. Vanilla, banana, chocolate, caramel: of course there is plenty to choose from. All equally delicious and with the chunks and swirls the brand is known for." In addition to quality ice cream, Ben & Jerry's also stands for corporate social responsibility. "They were doing that before it became trendy. For example, the fudge brownies used in the ice cream come from the Greyston Bakery in New York."

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The depot - Ice-cream parlour

Colorful freakshakes and is still enjoyable!

Change, that's also what fits Belicio Cheatday to some extent. Bubble waffles, freak shakes, cake filled with ice cream, ice cream donuts: you name it. All as colorful as they are calorific. But that's the principle: if you want something unhealthy and tasty, do it right. Choosing is still pretty tough, with 24 flavors of ice cream, a wide range of hot and cold products, 30 different toppings, hot and cold sauces, at least 5 different cookie dough flavors and more. The good news is that such delicious ice cream is available seven days a week. Will you stop by to sample all the flavors?

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Belicio Cheatday - Ice Cream Parlour

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