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Good news: there are more and more special stores and fine restaurants in the city center. Nice for Dordrechters, but also for tourists. More and more people are discovering that Dordrecht is definitely worth a visit.

shopping at Jets Favs, browsing at The Woonmol and enjoying at Poké Perfect

Cheerful and feminine women's clothing

Anyone looking for a unique dress, a jaunty skirt or a cheerful outfit has come to the right place at Jet's Favs. Although owner Annejet Krijgsman is only 17 years old, her webshop and store are solid. What started with an assignment for her education, setting up a business, resulted in a successful webshop for bright women's clothing. She thought a physical store was a logical next step and voilá: Jet's Favs in the attractive Vriesestraat. "I am very happy with the result and with the enthusiastic response I get from my customers. Every week I go shopping with my mother so that I also have a new collection every week. What I would like to wear myself and affordability are the conditions here."
Curious? Jet's Favs is open on Thursdays (also on shopping nights), Fridays and Saturdays.

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New opportunity for home finds and gadgets

Those who like to be surprised by original home items will feast their eyes on De Woonmol, Edith Mol's store. Since July 1, this acquisition in the field of living is located on the Voorstraat West. The monumental building is full of lamps, vases, tableware, bags, paintings and small furniture. De Woonmol's collection consists of a combination of secondhand and new home accessories. "The balance is about 70 percent secondhand and 30 percent new. It's a challenge to constantly discover new gems and then offer them in the store attractively priced as good as new. If necessary, we refurbish it. Besides the fact that I enjoy constantly renewing the collection, I also think it's beautiful and sustainable when good used items last another round."
The Woonmol is open Wednesday through Sunday.

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Hawaiian inspired food

On July 27, Poké Perfect opened, the first poké bowl store in Dordrecht. The still young entrepreneur Tjeerd de Knijf, together with his wife Maud also owner of No. 38 City Bakery, talks enthusiastically about their new business. "A poké bowl is a healthy, cold meal, usually with rice as a base. On top of that come different toppings of your choice. Think fish, chicken, vegetables or fruit. We have an awful lot of toppings, including vegan ones. Everyone can make their own combination to taste or choose a bowl that we have carefully put together. All products are fresh every day. After a poké bowl you are well full, but above all you have eaten delicious and healthy." Besides having it delivered and picked up, people can also choose to eat the bowl at Poké Perfect. The place is cozy with lots of greenery, plants, a bottle wall and surfboards on the wall.
A little piece of Hawaii in the Vriesestraat.

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