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New businesses start up, others change their concept and some celebrate an enviable anniversary. No entrepreneur is the same, but what they all have in common is 100% guts and 100% perseverance. The result? A 100% profit for the people of Dordrecht and visitors from outside the city.

There is never a dull moment in the city centre of Dordt.

Buddingh is back!

Of course Café Buddingh never really left, but owner Carlo van Ast says: "We are now more Buddingh than ever!". The terrace is in tip-top shape and after the reopening the interior is even more an ode to Dordrecht's most famous poet. An impressive, more than man-sized photograph of Kees Buddingh' adorns the wall. Next to it, in short, is his life story, written by 'his' biographer Wim Huijser. On the other side is a unique photo which one of Holland's most famous photojournalists Vincent Mentzel shot of him in a wintery Dordrecht park. For tourists, Café Buddingh is the place to start a day in Dordt with a delicious cup of coffee. And to end with a bittergarnituur and a drink on the way back to the station. Locals know where to find this favourite hangout for a business lunch or to relax and chat with friends. Café Buddingh is back in full swing!

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Trendy Ladies have been trendingfor 12.5 years

When Yvonne Teeuw started her boutique in the Vriesestraat 12.5 years ago, it was a crisis. "And now we have the corona crisis." Fortunately, the hospitable and creative owner of the ladies' fashion boutique can still laugh about it. But how is it possible that her business is growing - Yvonne started out at fairs - while others are falling over like flies? "By remaining who I am. Always up to date with the latest affordable fashion must haves, shoes and accessories for women aged 14 to 90. Moreover, I make sure it is cosy. It's like a living room here: a cup of coffee and a bite to eat. I have built up a good relationship with many regular customers over the years. It was once my grandfather's dream that his (grand)daughters would have their own business. I am proud that this has happened. Incidentally, I owe this in part to my mother, partner and children, who are always there to provide backup. It's not easy now, but in 12.5 years I hope to still be here, who knows, with my daughters in the business."

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Bubble up your T in The T Bar

Recently, the first branch of The T Bar opened its doors in the Drievriendenhof. The initiators missed a nice place for tasty drinks in the city centre. A place where you can sit and take your drinks to go. They chose their own favourite drinks: bubble tea in all colours and in more than thirty flavours and milkshakes made from candy bars. And in surprising flavours, new mixes and delicious toppings for the finishing touch. In Asian countries, bubble tea is a popular drink, but it is also becoming increasingly popular in the Netherlands. This is evident from the many positive reactions and the enthusiasm that overwhelmed The T Bar. Things are going extremely well and the location is also very popular. Many passers-by pass by every day who want something tasty while shopping.

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