Van Roosmalen Optics

Since 1953, Van Roosmalen Optiek bv is located on the beautiful Vriesestraat in the city centre of Dordrecht. For years, the name Van der Ham adorned the facade. When Boy van Roosmalen and his son Ton took over the company in 1978, they did not think about changing the name, because of the good reputation the shop had.

But with an eye to the future, it was decided in 2018 to change the name of the business to its own family name, Van Roosmalen Optiek. In that year Jasper van Roosmalen became co-owner and the third generation is a fact.

What makes Van Roosmalen Optiek strong? Nowadays you can't see the wood for the trees in the optics market. Van Roosmalen Optiek brings change to this. The Dordrecht business distinguishes itself with personal attention and tailored advice.

Based on the anamnesis, which looks at the client's history and relevant circumstances, the staff takes plenty of time to find out what the complaints or problems are. The staff ask questions and pay attention to the wishes and requirements of the client, so that an optimal viewing solution can be found.

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