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There is plenty of activity in entrepreneurial Dordrecht and spring is just around the corner. That's good, because there is plenty to do in the city. That is why we would like to get you in the mood for spring, to get you in that cozy spring mood. Enough reasons to catch up with entrepreneurs and shopkeepers.

There is plenty of activity in the city!

Boer'n Bontje is a real 'Jermain business'

It is an ode to his parents: Jermain Chin Fung Chun has moved his business Boer'n Bontje to the Voorstraat, the street where his parents also had a store in the 1970s. The building on Tolbrugstraat Landzijde had been Jermain's base with his culinary bar for six years, but it was time for a new challenge. He refurbished the business completely first. "It really is a Jermain place, just the way I am! It's small and cozy, with a Caribbean vibe. The cuisine and feel have remained the same, but I want to reach more people. It was a challenge to get a certain vibe in such a small business, but it just occurred to me that I should feel at home there. Because if I do, then others will too." During the day, Jermain-who celebrated the official opening on March 25-sells many sandwiches and in the evening, meals, such as Surinamese house dishes. Jermain: "I have affordable street food dishes, prepared with passion and you can taste that back. All fresh, partly according to my mother's traditional recipes. Soon I will also offer cooking workshops."

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Atelier Clay & She known for pastel colors

What do you do as an entrepreneur when you outgrow your business? Right, move! That's exactly what Eva van der Willigen-Timmer did with her Atelier Klei & Zij. Her store full of charm sat in a small building on Voorstraat Noord for eight years, until she moved to a retail space a few hundred meters away. Three times the size, with more space for her broadened collection and for giving workshops. Not only can you find Eva's homemade ceramic jewelry at the studio, you can also score items such as home accessories, hair bands, sunglasses and bags. You have to love pastel shades, because they are Eva's hobbyhorse. The pink facade alone attests to her fondness. "I collect everything I like and it feels great to then share those items with others. And yes, they are all pastel in color, because that's what I'm known for. I love those colors! They are very feminine, sophisticated and in harmony with each other. People who step inside are often completely impressed by the space. I notice that the studio is catching on."

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