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There is again plenty of news from the city: a new terrace for a catering establishment as well as Dordrecht gained several new businesses.

Time for an introduction.

Just a little different, Ekmekci

Say you're walking downtown and you're craving food that's just a little bit different. Then you can recently visit the Turkish-inspired Ekmekci! For breakfast, lunch or a drink. The menu has something for everyone. Whether you want to eat vegetarian, vegan or halal. For example, choose gözleme: the specialty of Ekmekci. A kind of flatwrap that can be filled with all kinds of tasty ingredients. Or go for a baked potato with topping of your choice. Ekmekci is also characterized by its delicious breakfast, which includes endless varieties of tea and coffee! Day trippers, shoppers and office workers don't let that bother them twice: they already know their way around Ekmekci. Not surprisingly, because the concept of this daytime catering is for a wide audience. Fast casual food, with service at the table!

Ekmekci, Drievriendenhof 30
Ekmekci Turkish food drink Drievriendenhof Dordrecht (2)

Brand new terrace for Fuel

It was good this summer at Fuel, Bibelot's café. Why? Because there is a brand new terrace at the catering establishment! The old terrace needed replacing, so a new look was most welcome. So it happened: the terrace was revived with the use of lots of wood, including the placement of atmospheric olive trees. The result: a beautiful terrace with different seating heights - from small seats to space for large groups. In summer and still it is a wonderful place to spend some hours. In the afternoon especially for parents with children, who can play to their hearts' content in the Energy Square, and in the evening for people who want to have a drink. Order a delicious signature sandwich with it or put it together yourself. A perfect afternoon or evening out on the terrace!

Fuel, Noordendijk 148
Energiehuis terrace Fuel Energieplein Dordrecht

Amiri Beauty Boutique

Sonita Mahbubi put her dream of starting her own business on hold for a while to focus on his store Habets Menswear with her fiancé. But then the business moved to larger premises and there was space left over. "Bingo!" thought Sonita. And so now it was time for her dream: to give her love of make-up a stage. Amiri Beauty Boutique saw the light of day. You can go there mainly for permanent makeup, but also for make-up and eyebrow painting, waxing and plucking, as well as henna treatments. And do you want to curl your eyelashes? Sonita will take care of it! She is happy to be working for herself now. ,,I thought, 'now I'll take my chance!' It's wonderful to work for myself - I can decide everything myself."

Amiri Beauty Boutique, Korte Breestraat 1

Amari shopping care Dordrecht

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