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Tips for fall break

Fun out and about in Dordrecht with the kids during the autumn vacations. We give some great tips for indoor and outdoor activities to get out and about.

Beavers, pellets, playing and climbing in the Biesbosch

On October 21, during the Kinderbeaverocht (all ages) you will visit the Beaver Forest and take a look at the stuffed beaver in front of the window of the Biesbosch Center. Aboard the whisper boat you will search for beaver tracks. Tuesday, October 25 you can pick pellets (from 8 years of age) and investigate what the birds and predators have eaten. Admire the beautiful fall colors and mushrooms with the family excursion on Thursday, Oct. 27 (all ages).
Go climbing and scrambling in the junior forest of the Klimbos (6 years and up) next to the Biesboschcentrum Dordrecht. An exciting adventure for a cool vacation day. In another part of the Biesbosch you will find a whole new play forest (6-12 years). In play forest de Elzen near the Viersprong you can build huts, sail across on a raft and mess around with water.

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Family Days at the Dordrecht Museum

Looking for the perfect family outing in the autumn vacations? Then come to the Family Days in the Dordrecht Museum on October 22 and 23. During this weekend there is plenty to do for children and their (grand)parents. Scattered throughout the museum you will find activities that are fun for the whole family.

There is a special tour and reading corner for toddlers, you can draw on an easel just like a real artist, play art twister, make a globe, make your own button, listen and look with your nose, and much more! On these days you can not only look at art, but also feel, hear, smell and make art.

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Every day LetterLAB and Griezelbus

During the autumn vacations there is something to do every day at the Museum of Education. Visit the exhibition tree rose fish, do the super cool treasure hunt - with a Griezelbus escaperoom (9 to 15 years) - or get to work with the letter passport in the letter forest (4 to 8 years).

There is also LetterLAB at the museum every day, with fun games, campfire reading and craft activities. The activities in Letterlab are suitable for children ages 3 to about 12.


Exhibition Boom Roos Vis - Onderwijsmuseum Dordrecht

Singing along, going to the children's theater or cinema

Sing along with the greatest hits of Woezel and Pip (ages 2 and up) on Sunday, Oct. 23. The two inseparable friends go on all kinds of adventures. Would you rather go to the movies on Oct. 23? Then join the underwater adventure with Barbie Mermaid Power (2-6 years) in the Kinepolis Kleuterbios. Especially for the little ones, the lights will stay on slightly and the sound will be muted.
The Dordts Kindertheater presents a fresh take on the classic puppet show with De Kleine Prins (ages 6 and up) on Oct. 30. A live performance with puppets and music.

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Children's walks

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