polder in Dordrecht

Blue skate route - 10 km

Skating across the Island of Dordrecht.

With your hair in the wind along the primeval Dutch polders. Only the sound of your skates can be heard. Space, polders, dikes and challenge; that is skating in the outskirts of Dordrecht. On the Eiland van Dordrecht there are two signposted skate routes with special skate signs. The signs are attached to lampposts or under traffic signs. This skate route with blue signs (10 km) goes through the polders in the outskirts of Dordrecht.  


  • You can extend this route with the red route (20 km). The red-striped signs indicate where you can continue the other route. (Unfortunately the signs are missing in a few places but the directions clearly show how to skate the route).
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You can start this route at parking place De Elzen near café-restaurant De Viersprong and Speelbos De Elzen. You can have a drink on the terrace before setting off. Turn right from the car park and turn right at the first intersection.

The Quadrangle

You pass museum Twintighoeven on the left here, which is housed in the former cooling house of Hoeve Jong Dordrecht. It shows the cultural history of the Island of Dordrecht since the Sint Elisabethflood of 1421. You can visit this museum but it is not open daily. Continue straight ahead.

Nature and cultural history museum Twintighoeven
"Nieuwe Dordtse Biesbosch"

Viewpoint Louisa & Cannemanpolder

Noorderelsweg 2

Here you have a beautiful view over the nature reserve and the water. There is a picnic table here, ideal if you want to take a break. Turn left here and follow the cycle path under the dike.

New Dordtse Biesbosch skating family nature Dordrecht

New Merwede Road

Zwanenplaatweg 2

Keep following the cycle path along the dike. Also turn left at the sign at Zwanenplaatweg. Go straight ahead here!


The Griendheuvel and marina

Nieuwe Merwedeweg 2A

On the left, you pass horse dairy, breeding farm and stallion farm De Griendheuvel. In the summer months, a tea garden is open here. At the top of the dike on the right is the entrance to the Tongplaat nature reserve, where you can take a lovely walk. You can also see Jachthaven De Zuidhaven there. The skate route continues straight ahead under the dike. Follow the road for a few kilometres.

polder in Dordrecht

T-junction with Noorderelsweg

At the t-junction, turn left onto Noorderelsweg. The signs from this side are not very clear. If you want to skate a longer route, you can follow the red-striped signs straight on and then follow the subsequent 20 km red skate route.


Intersection with van Elzelingenweg

Noorderelsweg 5

At the crossroads with the van Elzelingenweg, go straight on. Around this intersection are several beautiful farms, such as Hoeve De Biesbosch on the right.


The Stoop bench

Noorderelsweg 3

On your left, you pass the Stoopbank, a simple monument symbolising the reclamation of Polder de Biesbosch. When you go up the stairs, you have a view of the polder. You can take a rest here on a bench and look at the information board with the history of this polder. Continue to follow the Noorderelsweg straight on.


End point

Noorderelsweg 6

You are now at the end point of this skate route. Turn right here and you are back at the car park De Elzen. If you want to skate a bit further, go straight ahead and follow the red skateroute (20 km).

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