Red skate route - 20 km

Skating across the Island of Dordrecht.

With your hair in the wind along the primeval Dutch polders. Only the sound of your skates can be heard. Space, polders, dikes and challenge; that is skating in the outskirts of Dordrecht. On the Eiland van Dordrecht there are two signposted skate routes with special skate signs. The signs are attached to lampposts or under traffic signs. This skate route with red signs (20 km) goes over the dikes in the outskirts of Dordrecht. Along the way you will also come across some outdoor cafes and restaurants for a tasty interlude. 


  • You can extend this route with the blue route (10 km). The blue-striped signs indicate where you can continue the other route. (Unfortunately the signs are missing in a few places but the directions clearly show how to skate the route).
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You can start the route at the Oogstpark where there is a large car park. There is a lovely garden where you can drink a cup of coffee or tea before setting off. From the car park, turn right and follow the route over the Oude Veerweg. At the crossing turn right on the Zeedijk.

Harvest Park
New Dordtse Biesbosch skating children nature Dordrecht


Seawall 8

Follow the Zeedijk straight ahead. On your right you have a beautiful view of the Nieuwe Dordtse Biesbosch. You can see the van Elzelingenweg crossing the nature reserve here. The bike paths in the Nieuwe Dordtse Biesbosch are also great for skating. But the route goes straight ahead here, continuing along the Zeedijk.



Seawall 30

At Fluitekruid you can relax on the sunny terrace and enjoy a snack and drink. The route turns left a little further on at the junction to the ferry kop van 't Land.


Upper polder car park

Zuidendijk 314-306

Turn left onto the Zuidendijk. You can also start your route here, at the parking place Bovenpolder. You follow this dike for a long time with on your right side the neighbourhood Dubbeldam.


Straight ahead along Laantje van Middenhoeve

Zuidendijk 533

You still skate nice and straight along the Zuidendijk with views of beautiful monumental farms along the dike.
Keep following the dike along the top, crossing over with the Schenkeldijk, at the traffic circle straight ahead on the bike path.


You pass the Sterrenburg shopping centre on the right-hand side. Here you will find various shops, supermarkets and restaurants. Follow the cycle path under the viaduct, straight on at the next crossing with Kometenlaan. At the end of the dike, turn left and then cross the junction straight ahead and continue on the cycle path.

Sterrenburg shopping centre

Wieldrechtse Zeedijk

Wieldrechtse Zeedijk 28

You now skate on the Wieldrechtse Zeedijk and turn left onto the Zanddijk. You follow this dike through the polders and past Willow trees to the end. You then turn left and go over a small bridge to the cycle path Langs den Engel. Follow this path along the dike all the way to the end, passing the barriers.


The Alder

Old Feather Road 1

You are now skating through De Elzen nature reserve. Go straight on at the next crossing (keep left). Continue until the junction with the Oude Veerweg. If you turn left here, you are back at the starting point. If you want to skate further, turn right and follow the blue striped signs. You can then follow the blue skateroute (10 km).

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