Van Strij Brothers

Sun Feb. 25, 2024 - Sun Sep. 1, 2024

Van Strij Brothers

Abraham (1753-1826) and Jacob van Strij (1756-1815) were among the best artists working in the Netherlands around 1800. Their sunny landscapes and interiors are still beloved today. The brothers from Dordrecht were the driving forces behind the Teekengenootschap Pictura, the oldest surviving artists' society in our country. The Dordrecht Museum is celebrating the 250th anniversary of the society with an exhibition on the Van Strijs and their importance to Pictura. Drawings take center stage, as practicing together - in friendly competition - was paramount at Pictura, as well as admiring and discussing works of art on paper. In addition to model drawing, "art reflections" were also held. That tradition is being revived.

Acquisitions on paper

Many works of art not previously shown provide a unique insight into the importance and various functions of drawings. Numerous preliminary studies by the brothers show how works of art can be created "from sketch to painting. The Dordrecht Museum owns a large collection of works relating to the Van Strij brothers and also manages the art collection of Pictura. In recent years, the museum has acquired many drawings, most of which have not yet been exhibited. Of special note is the studio legacy of Jacob van Strij, which came into the collection thanks to a donation from art dealer Onno van Seggelen. These works are complemented by numerous loans from museum and private collections in the Netherlands and abroad.


Pictura has always been central to the art life of Dordrecht. In the first place, the exhibition provides insight into the great significance of the Van Strij brothers for the society. The importance of Pictura for other artists is also highlighted. Many famous and less famous artists were members of Pictura, such as Martinus Schouman, Johannes Christiaan Schotel, Jan Veth, Willy Sluiter, Rinus Reus, Kees Buddingh' and from outside Dordrecht also Jan Sluijters and Coba Ritsema.

In 2024, numerous exhibitions and activities surrounding 250 years of Pictura will take place in Dordrecht. The complete program can be read here.

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