Dordt Vlogt: on the road with Albert Cuyp

Miniature Dordt Vlogt Albert Cuyp

As of 3 October, the long-awaited exhibition about Dordrecht's most famous painter Aelbert Cuyp will be on display in the Dordrechts Museum: 'In the light of Cuyp'. The story of Dordrecht's greatest painter is unique. In his time, Cuyp was a completely local artist, who was virtually unknown outside his hometown. He lived and worked his entire life in Dordrecht and the buyers of his landscapes were almost all from his birthplace. Only after his death was he discovered by English collectors and artists.

In this edition of Dordt Vlogt, Vera Britt visits the Dordrecht Museum and walks the accompanying city walk. Also discover more about the life of Albert Cuyp and watch along!


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