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We are allowed again!

Going to town and enjoying everything we had to miss: eating out, going to the cinema, shopping.


Because when we are together, Dordrecht is at its most beautiful. Enjoy the city and support the local entrepreneur.

Live locally #SamenInDordrecht

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Enjoy in Dordrecht

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Live locally

To celebrate the fact that we can once again enjoy life together in Dordrecht, a card has been dropped through every Dordt mailbox with beautiful Dordt illustrations by Petra Brouwer of Dordt houses. When you hand in this card at the VVV, you will receive a free bag with the same drawings on it. You can use this beautiful bag for all your local shopping when you come back to town to enjoy what you have missed.

Live locally Dordrecht campaign

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Cuyp in the Dordrecht Museum

The exhibition 'In the light of Cuyp' in the Dordrecht Museum has been extended until 8 May. For the first time, there are so many paintings by Aelbert Cuyp, Dordrecht's most famous painter, in one place together. Not only Cuyp's works are on display, but also works by English painters for whom Cuyp was a great example, such as Turner and Constable. Click here for tickets and more information about the museum.

A. Cuyp, River Landscape with Rider and Cattle, c. 1660, London, National Gallery

Do Dordrecht Gift Certificate

The Doe Dordrecht Kadobon is the number one gift voucher in Dordrecht. The voucher can be spent at more than 100 Dordrecht shops, restaurants and attractions. With this voucher, you can shop locally and support the entrepreneurs who contribute to a pleasant city centre and shopping centres. A nice gift for everyone to give and to receive. It is easy to order online or purchase from VVV. The amount can be spent in parts and 100% of the proceeds go to the entrepreneurs.

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