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Hey, are you walking with me?

Did you know that the tower of the Grote Kerk stands more crooked than the tower of Pisa? And that Vincent van Gogh lived in Dordrecht for a while? Enthusiastic guides surprise visitors from outside and from Dordrecht with the best stories and the most beautiful places during their city walks. Patricia Hoornaar, responsible at Dordrecht Marketing & Partners for the group day trips and city walks, can recommend everyone to come along.

A world opens up to you.

Surprisingly fun tours of the downtown area

The one-and-a-half-hour boarding walks start and end at the VVV on Spuiboulevard 99. Due to corona, the walks have been on hold for a long time. Only in July did they restart. From Wednesday to Sunday, individual visitors can participate in the walks. This can be as little as €6 per person. Check the page Wandelroutes Dordrecht for information and reservations. Upon their return, staff behind the counter often get immediate reactions to the walk. "We often hear that people didn't expect it to be so much fun."

Customized day trips

Do you already have a group and do you want to discover Dordrecht in a special way? Then Patricia can also help you. Every year, she puts together different arrangements that often include a cup of coffee, lunch or a cruise. "We also have tours with a theme, for example the 'Tasty food tour' where the starter, main course and dessert are in different restaurants. Participants walk with a guide from one restaurant to another. We have a photo workshop, a walk where a photographer immediately tells you how to capture our photogenic city originally and creatively with your smartphone. I try to add something new every year. This year that is supping in the inner harbors. I also create customized day trips, completely to the wishes of the customer. This can be for a birthday, company outing, family party, actually for anything. For this I make arrangements with Dordrecht entrepreneurs such as Den Witten Haen, Rutte, Het Magazijn, Osteria Luca, Dordts Genoegen, Merz, lunchroom Hartje Stad, museums, De Dordtevaar and DRIJF Dordrecht."

City walk VVV Dordrecht Groothoofdspoort monument

Murder quests and more games!

"It's also fun to explore the city through a game. Through an app, you can solve a murder, hunt for an escaped gangster or solve a hack. Meanwhile, you pass by the most beautiful highlights in downtown. Fun for kids, but absolutely also for adults." A good overview of all the possibilities can be found (soon) on the brand-new website, registration is also possible here. Are you planning to organize an unforgettable day and would like support in doing so? Then Patricia is always there to think with you.

City walk VVV Dordrecht Groothoofdspoort monument

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