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The summer drink of 2023: 3 tips from Dordrecht hospitality industry

Summer offers the perfect occasion to grab a sidewalk cafe. With a refreshing drink, of course! Three entrepreneurs from the Dordrecht hospitality industry give an insight into the summer drinks of 2023.

Will you join us for a drink?

Without alcohol: a mocktail!

A mocktail is the summer drink of 2023, says Danielle Vol of vegan bar-restaurant Rebel Rebel. Or cocktails without alcohol, though with a summer look and ditto taste. "Mocktails are becoming more and more popular. People are consciously choosing less alcohol. But on the other hand, cider also does well in the summer. Guests enjoy sitting on the terrace with a nice-looking drink." At Rebel Rebel, there weren't many mocktails on the menu at first, but now Danielle and her colleagues are going all out, with mocktails of their own devising. For example, The Thin White Duke with ginger ale, lime, mint and ice. Or The Goblin King with kombucha, lime, ginger, orange and ice. The Soof lemonade mocktail with mint, blueberries and ice or just with ginger, carrot and ice also does well.

Rebel Rebel, Houttuinen 32
Reber Rebel food drink terrace children dog Nieuwe Haven summer Dordrecht

Spritz, in all kinds of varieties

When it comes to the summer drink of the year, according to Peter de Leeuw of DOK Bar & Bites the Spritz is undisputedly number one. It's very much in demand, the entrepreneur notes. "We all know the Aperol-Spritz by now, but we are seeing more and more interest in the variants: a mix of soda water and cava and then a nice flavor added. This summer, those variants of Spritz are going to do well. After all, we know those heavy cocktails by now! For example, we have a mango pepper Spritz on the menu, as well as a Limoncello Spritz. Fresh, sparkling drinks that are light-hearted and that we dress up nicely. People love that!"

DOK Bar & Bites, Spuiboulevard 97E


DOK Bar & Bites food drinks terrace summer set Dordrecht

Refreshing thirst quencher: green iced tea

Özgur Özen from Babylon knows one thing for sure: visitors to his eatery will go massively for a refreshing homemade green iced tea this summer. Green iced tea is a real thirst quencher and is therefore widely ordered at Babylon. Those who prefer to grab an alcoholic drink in this summer season often opt for a cocktail, Özgur says. Like a Mojito: a fresh, summery, Cuban cocktail with rum, lime and mint. There is an extensive cocktail menu at Babylon, so that's lucky. And if you want a special beer, Özgur says this is also one of the popular summer drinks.

Eatery Babylon, Front Street 293
Babylon cocktail summer drinking Dordrecht

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