Ecolodge bed Zuileshoeve Biesbosch Dordrecht
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Natural dreaming away in the Ecolodge

Stay in one of the most beautiful places in the Netherlands, unique and quietly located on the water, hidden in the greenery. Bird watching from your bed or maybe you can even hear a beaver? It is possible in the sustainable floating hotel room, including a two-person canoe: the Ecolodge, of the brand new hospitality entrepreneurs Lia and Hans Hilkmann.

It is great that you can get into the canoe right from the terrace and sail the most beautiful routes. You can really go anywhere, even by bike or on foot.

Sun terrace and observation tower

Lia and Hans took over the Ecolodge from Stayokay. They have added extra facilities such as a double bed, stove, refrigerator and a heat source making the special place comfortable all year round. A lookout tower, sun terrace, canoe and two bikes with luggage cart complete the stay. Lia: "Bookings are already pouring in. Of course it is also great that you can get into the canoe right from the terrace and sail the most beautiful routes in the Biesbosch. You can really go anywhere, even by bike or on foot. With a little luck you will encounter beavers. The Ecolodge offers enough privacy when it comes to passing hikers. In the summer you can enjoy the sun on the sun terrace. A drink with it, what more could you want? If people want it, they can also book a well-filled breakfast, possibly with champagne, with us."

Ecolodge Zuileshoeve Biesbosch Dordrecht

B&B The Zuileshoeve

Only since January 1, 2021, Lia and Hans are owners of the Ecolodge, but also of the Zuileshoeve. They want to transform the dilapidated Zuileshoeve, which has been occupied by cows for the last forty years, into a Bed & Breakfast with four rooms, a tasting room and a multifunctional space for meetings or small-scale parties, for example. They themselves will also live there. Outside there will be a terrace where passers-by can settle down for a cup of coffee and a snack, lunch or a drink. The orchard will become a tea garden with space for picnic areas. The couple first faces a major renovation before it is ready. Beginning Jan. 1, 2022, they hope to open the doors of the B&B to the first guests.

Ecolodge wine Zuileshoeve Biesbosch Dordrecht

Future plans: passerby jetty

Plans for the further future are also in full swing. "Near the terrace, we would like to have a landing stage for passing boats so that they can come and have something to eat or drink with us. We would also like to have our own boat with which we can pick up guests from the visitor center or organize tours, for example. Maybe in the future we would like to expand with another Ecolodge. But that's really in the future. For now, we are happy with the success of the current Ecolodge."

De Zuileshoeve, Merwelanden 39, Dordrecht.

Ecolodge Zuileshoeve Biesbosch Dordrecht

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