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Get a taste of spring!

Taste spring literally and figuratively in the city! Outside when the sun is shining, or in one of the cozy restaurants of Dordrecht when the weather is not so good. From snacks to tapas and from a high wine to a complete evening out to dinner. Fancy some small snacks while having a drink? That's perfect, because at Restaurant Merz, Restaurant Post and Tapasbar 't Vl ak, among others, you can order all kinds of tapas. Is it time to wine, wine, wine? Then go for a high wine, a tip for the connoisseur who also wants something tasty to go with it. And if you feel like eating out "all the way," go for spring on your plate at Villa Augustus and Finn's. You can literally taste the season, through ingredients appropriate to the season.

Surprise your taste buds this spring!

Enjoy: drinks boards full of tapas

Fish totally suits spring. Good, because when you say 'fish' at Merz restaurant, you automatically say 'Plank from the sea'. A drinks board full of fish-related snacks, such as calamari rings, sushi with crab, deep-fried mussels, prawns, dim sums with fish, a shrimp croquette and a French fries cone to top it all off. Last spring, exactly one year ago, the "Plank from the Sea" was first featured on Merz's menu, and since then the plank has graced the menu month in, month out. "There was a demand for fish-related snacks and that's how the idea for this drinks board was born," says Ferry de Klerk. "A popular plank, which is delicious with a bottle of white wine. Especially in spring. Our location on the harbor adds to the sea-feeling and then it's easy to order a tasty plank. Moreover, fish is lighter than meat and that appeals to people, especially in nicer weather. You can choose the borrelplank as an appetizer or as a dinner drink. We expect the 'Plank from the sea' to do well again this spring."

Restaurant Merz, Korte Kalkhaven 3
Merz terrace food drink drink borrelplank spring Dordrecht

Mail shelf: selection of delicacies

Anyone who ever has drinks at Restaurant Post has probably seen the Postplank on the drinks menu. Prominently at the top of the menu and understandably so, because this plank has a lot of deliciousness in it. A variety of delicacies can be found on the shelf of Restaurant Post: Suppli or fried risotto balls, cold cuts, borettane onions, flatbread with spreads, croqueta de jamon, Manchego and Sicilian olives to be exact. A well-stocked drinks board that is often ordered, notes an employee of the Dordrecht restaurant. "It's a pretty popular board. Many people automatically cry out when they order 'just do anything and everything' and that's exactly what the Postplank is. But in our own way: all fresh and homemade. In any case, there is a lot of interest in the drinks boards on our menu, especially in the spring and summer on the terrace. Then, drinks boards are regularly ordered, at the end of the afternoon during drinks. Ideal for during a beautiful spring afternoon."

Restaurant Post, Johan de Wittstraat 128
Restaurant Post terrace food drinks girlfriends drinks board spring Dordrecht

Variety of tapas

At Tapasbar 't Vlak you can taste spring in a wide variety of tapas. The menu has been full of delicious tapas for eighteen years, each season has its own appropriate flavor. The small dishes are ideal snacks when it is cocktail time, but of course also as dinner. A table full of small dishes, something for everyone. At Tapasbar 't Vlak they are also called "world tapas," because the tapas dishes come from all sorts of countries. Prawns, croquettes, patatas bravas, salads, tortillas, grilled vegetables, everything is possible in the field of tapas at Tapasbar 't Vlak and this is reflected on the menu. "In the spring, the fish tapas in particular are running harder," notes Lea van der Ven. "Prawns in garlic oil, venus clams with garlic, calamari with aioli, lobster croquettes, escargots: all dishes that people like to order during this period because they are a bit lighter. Our tapas generally run very fast. They are of perfect quality and well prepared. And there is love in our food, the most important ingredient!"

Tapas bar 't Vlak, Vlak 11
Restaurant het Vlak tapas Dordrecht

News city garden full of wine!

Fancy a tasting accompanied by a glass of wine? At BRUT, your high wine consists not only of four courses of delicacies to share, but also four rounds of matching wines to go with them. This is the standard high wine, but there is also a high wine deluxe. Here you get an extra festive reception with bubbles and an amuse bouche and then four deluxe courses, paired with four exclusive wines. "The high wine is a runner at BRUT," says Tim Pieters of BRUT, where wines play an important role. He finds that the high wine is a choice for all kinds of occasions, both the standard and the more upscale version. "There are always occasions to do a high wine, such as for birthdays, business, holidays and so on. Throughout the year our high wine is a success, but in our renovated city garden with a nice sunshine, the spring high wine is extra popular!"

BRUT, Groenmarkt 121
BRUT food drink wine city garden garden spring center Dordrecht

High wine for real gourmets

For example, at Bistro Twee33. Those who choose this can first count on a bubbly with an amuse bouche and then a three-course dinner. With matching wines, of course, about which the staff of the restaurant in Dordrecht tell a nice story. The bistro works with products that are in house or in season. Often products from local businesses. Especially for this high wine, the emphasis is on spring with products from this season, explains Eline Born. "We start with a fresh wine and a tuna bite - our crowd favorite - with Cremant de Limoux wine and then guests get fish or a vegetarian dish like pumpkin cooked on the Green Egg. As a main course, people like a fish dish in the spring. We try to show in the dishes of the high wine what we have to offer in our restaurant." Will there be employees at your table during the high wine? A conscious choice of this bistro, to have interaction with guests. The high wine is chosen a lot, says Eline. "Often in the afternoon. Wine is becoming increasingly popular, also among young people. We see that reflected in the number of reservations for the high wine."

Bistro Twee33, Wijnstraat 233


Tasting the season on your plate

A menu that follows the seasons, using its own vegetable garden as inspiration: it's no surprise that the menu changes regularly at Villa Augustus. "This spring season we can once again enjoy harvests from our own garden," say the chef and gardener. Gone are the beets, Jerusalem artichokes, parsnips and other tubers of last winter, to give a warm welcome to dishes that turn the spring menu green, just like the vegetable garden. "Now and further into the season, we harvest from it plenty of leafy vegetables, green and white asparagus, rhubarb and sea kale. You will find them freshly picked, prepared with love and tastefully presented on your plate. There are several new dishes on the menu: from sourdough toast with grilled asparagus, spring onion, burrata and wild garlic; gnocchi with endive, pancetta and chervil butter and finally thyme panna cotta with granita of seasonal fruit. People go out again when the sun shines and taste spring on their plates with us."

Villa Augustus, Oranjelaan 7

Seasonal dishes on the menu

Finn' s is a place where you really want to be with spring. Just because the restaurant does a lot with seasonal dishes. "The menu changes weekly," says Regard Reuser. "Wonderful when a new season starts so I can come up with new dishes. Guests always enjoy going with the season." This spring you can expect at least the white gold at Finn's: asparagus. Which appear on your plate in a different composition every week. You will also regularly find lamb on the menu, or a tasty mussel. Regard expects another nice influx of people looking forward to this season this spring. "Spring has begun, but the weather is not quite with us yet. Let's assume that like the years before, it's always pleasantly busy in the spring. Especially on the terrace. On a sunny day we notice that more people walk into the harbor area. In any case, we are looking forward to it and can't wait!"

Finn's, Blauwpoortsplein 13
Finn's food drink terrace Grote Kerk autumn spring Dordrecht

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