Dordrecht Pakt Uit 2022
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City on Stilts during
Dordrecht Pakt Uit

On Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 September the entrepreneurs of inner city Dordrecht will organize Pakt Uit, a unique event throughout the city center. This edition will again be full of fun activities, so mark these dates in your agenda. In recent years, the event has attracted thousands of extra visitors to the city. The great thing about Dordrecht Pakt Uit is that there is so much to do," says Andrea Klingler, co-organizer of the event.

Shopkeepers are unwrapping with fun promotions, tastings, workshops, demonstrations, music and fashion shows. So in every street you can discover, taste, shop or experience something special.

Packed with great stores

We challenge visitors to step into stores they would never normally visit. Because the center of Dordrecht is full of fun, special and surprising stores. People often stick to the stores they already know and therefore miss out on so many nice things. We like to change that.

Dordrecht Pakt Uit City Hall

Spectacular acts

'Dordrecht Pakt Uit is a party for Dordovans, but we notice that there are also many visitors from outside the city. Super fun of course,' says Andrea. And this edition will be special again because we are literally and figuratively putting the city on its feet! Besides lots of special activities and actions in the stores, spectacular acts are coming to the city center. Stiltwalkers from home and abroad will show their skills in the city center. It will be a great spectacle!


Dordrecht Pakt Uit stilt walkers

Dordt in Fashion

On Sunday, the latest fashion trends are on display. That day the many Dordrecht fashion stores will be in the spotlight. On the Sarisgang you can admire a 300 meter long catwalk on which the latest collections will be shown. Between 13.00 and 16.00 hours you will discover which fashion items should not be missing in your closet next fall. Men's fashion, women's fashion and children's fashion will be on display and trendy accessories will not be missing either.

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