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Celebrate autumn, with bock beer!

The leaves are falling, the days are getting shorter, colder and wetter. But weather or no weather: the dark bock beer is perfect for toasting to autumn. Starting Oct. 1, they will be back, also on tap at Merz and Stadscafé Rijke & Zn, among others.

At Stadsbrouwerij Dordrecht, they have brewed the Schapenkopje Dubbelbock especially for this fall.


Bock beer festival: bock beer & here

On October 9, Merz organized a Bock beer festival for the sixth time. No fewer than eleven small breweries, including Ebontree and the Dordtse Brouwers from Dordrecht, presented their bock beer on this Saturday. Owner Ferry de Klerk is looking forward to it. "It's always nice weather and always cozy. For enthusiasts, it's a perfect time to experience the different flavors. They're all different and that's what makes it so much fun. In addition, the vintage bock barrels also open during the festival. These are leftover barrels from previous years. Because these have been sitting for a while, the flavor has changed where it is always exciting which notes come to the fore." Couldn't be there? No worries, starting October 1, there will be bock beers on tap at Merz anyway.

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Merz restaurant Bock beer festival Dordrecht (1)

Always new beer at City Cafe Rijke & Zn

More than sixty types of beer can be ordered at the cozy and welcoming Stadscafé Rijke & Zn. The eight draft beers change about every week and a half. From the start of the autumn bock season, this includes at least two autumn bock beers, assures Luis Acosta Resendiz, one of the three regular bartenders. "The autumn bock is a little darker and has a deeper aroma. It gives a slightly warmer feeling during the time when it gets colder. It also fits well with the feeling of coming home that we want to give our guests. Brandt doublebock and La Trappe we have already ordered." Which bock beers will follow? Stop by and be surprised!

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New: Sheepshead Doublebock

Starting in October, the Sheep's Head Dubbelbock will be available at various catering establishments and stores. Brewer Annet talks enthusiastically about the revamped recipe based on the tripel. "This new beer with 8.5% alcohol has a nice dark, deep flavor with caramel. We call it doublebock because we use extra much malt. The more malt, the more flavor. It's highly recommended for the fall bock lover." The City Brewery does not have a license to serve out, but those who want to come taste are welcome to attend a tour, including tasting, on Saturday afternoon at 3 p.m. Please do make reservations in advance via

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