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From new stores to brand-new restaurants - Dordrecht has gained quite a few more businesses, which adds to the bustle of the city. Time to discover them while the sun shines on your head.

Discovering something new during the summer in your own city: wonderful right!

Dream comes true: Flo's Label

Since early April, FLO's Label has been on the Voorstraat: a small boutique of 30 square meters with clothing, home accessories, jewelry and gadgets. Ideal for a gift or when you are looking for something nice to wear to a party. You can score a complete outfit for a nice price. FLO's Label is small but nice! Owner Floor Versteeg used to do something completely different: she was an executive in engineering, but was no longer happy in the work she was doing. So it was time for a career switch. All her life Floor has been involved in fashion, so for her it was not a long search to find where her passion lies. "It was a little dream that I secretly wanted to make a reality. I live downtown, saw this property for rent and more or less called for information as a joke. But that joke is now actually a store! For a month and a half I scrambled before opening. I like running a boutique very much. I go to work with a smile."

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Flo's Label women's fashion shopping Voorstraat Dordrecht

New owner, new challenge

Art & Dining has a new owner: Ad Janssen recently handed over the baton of the museum restaurant (Dordrechts Museum) to Christiaan Visser and his wife Mariska Visser-Smits. No strangers to Art & Dining, as Christiaan and Mariska have been walking around the Dordrecht restaurant for a while. Christiaan: "Mariska did the sales and I myself have been working at Art & Dining for nine years. Before that I also worked in the hospitality industry. We are going for it together and are happy with the new challenge. Rotating on the floor hasn't really changed, but there are now additional tasks for us, such as arranging orders and contacting suppliers. Challenging, but we're never too old to learn!" Christiaan and his wife do not want any rigorous changes at Art & Dining, but want to focus on weddings, (corporate) parties and meetings. There will also be a new website, and as demand for vegan food increases, more vegan dishes will be added to the menu. "Lunch will remain the focus. The path taken has proven successful and suits the public, so we'll keep it that way."

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Nature as inspiration at Milaflora

From her love for flowers and a personal story, Mila van Holstein-Willemsen creates with her company Milaflora unique floral creations for those moments in life where emotions may be translated into flowers. She did this from home for three years, until she outgrew her space. Now Mila has her studio inside the Workshop at the Voorstaat 232, a place where people can see wedding flower arrangements with their own eyes. And can experience farewell flowers. She offers the opportunity for bereaved families to make them themselves. "It's nice that I now have a location where people can step inside. I loved the look of the building right away: tough and raw. My soft, colorful floral touch is a nice contrast. Nature is my inspiration and I want to inspire people to connect more with nature." Mila also offers flower subscriptions. Fresh flowers, arranged in a matching vase or a creation of artificial flowers tailored to the season. After summer, she will start offering workshops in the back part of her studio. Seasonal, to bring the seasons from outside in.

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Milaflora flower store shopping Voorstraat Dordrecht

Brasserie Biezz with Biesbosch as a view

This summer - and beyond - you are literally and figuratively in the right place at the Biesboschcentrum Dordrecht's brand new catering facility: Brasserie Biezz. Here you can enjoy a simple but tasty self-service concept seven days a week. From hot dishes to sandwiches - at Biezz they believe in good food and drink, hospitality and a relaxed atmosphere, without fuss. Can you already see yourself sitting amid the breathtaking natural beauty of the Biesbosch? Right away, people knew their way to Biezz - which features a completely new interior - well, according to Alexander Nouwen. "With Ascension Day and Pentecost it was nice and busy right away. The location is really fantastic: you have the Biesbosch as your view, it's like a living painting! People can go inside, but also outside, where there are 160 seats. We expect busy summer months. Cozy!" In the somewhat longer term, Brasserie Biezz also wants to offer space for groups. For example, if you have just had a nice outing with a group in the beautiful nature of the Biesbosch, you can join them at Biezz afterwards. For a barbecue or drinks, for example!

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Vegetarian seasonal dishes at Living Room Cafe Fluitekruid

In a living room in an old 1930s building on the Zeedijk right on the river has been a living room cafe for more than 25 years. Living room cafe Fluitekruid was taken over early this year by Arthur van Brug and his girlfriend Annemieke Stronk. In early April the doors opened of the café, which - not surprisingly - is the old home of the ferry captain, as the ferry towards Brabant still crosses here! In this place full of atmosphere - including ensuite doors - Arthur and Annemieke make their dream come true: make seasonal lunch dishes all by themselves for their guests, such as quiches and salads. With vegetables from the neighborhood! And all vegetarian. Arthur was first a chef at Villa Augustus and, together with Annemieke, already came to the location on the Zeedijk as a regular guest. There it itched a long time ago. Arthur: ,,Once I said to the owner: 'if I could, I would love to take over the business'. She retired and so Annemieke and I went for it. Fortunately, because it is enormously busy! People like the casual atmosphere. Inside, but also outside, where there is a terrace by the river."

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