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The light at the end of the Corona Tunnel is shining. Fortunately, things are moving in the right direction. This is also reflected in the lively activity in the city centre of Dordrecht. The shops, restaurants and culture are open again and new original initiatives are starting. Be surprised at the extensive Stadsbranderij and TianDe by Adri. And beware: this week, you will receive a special postcard! February is already a fantastic start to a wonderful spring.

Lively activity in the city centre again

City Roastery expansion:
fresh coffee and tea for connoisseurs

The cosy and deliciously smelling Stadsbranderij has doubled in size with the move into the adjoining premises (which previously housed House of Beauty). Doubling the space also means more possibilities. The enterprising owners of the family business know what to do with this. "We have acquired a professional kitchen, a small lunch menu, more seats and an extension to the shop where we sell, among other things, our weekly freshly roasted coffee and coffee equipment," says co-owner Ben van der Stoep enthusiastically. "In December, we had two and a half weeks to enjoy the renovation before the lockdown. But the success was great and we want more. We have improved in every way."

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Stadsbranderij Dordrecht eat drink catering

Traditional East Asian products at
TianDe by Adri

The first Dutch (web)shop with health and beauty products of the brand TianDe is located in Dordrecht. The traditional East Asian products are based on ancient healing and spiritual traditions and contain only natural ingredients. The proud owner, originating from the Czech Republic, is Adriana Celik. The entrepreneur often used them in her home country and was actually surprised for years that they were not available anywhere here. It was time to change that. Voilá, since 7 February there is TianDe by Adri in the cosy Vriesestraat. "The special thing about these products? They really work very well. They do what they promise in the field of health, beauty and hygiene." TianDe by Adri is open from Monday to Saturday.

Discover TianDe by Adri


TianDe by Adri shop care Dordrecht

Come and enjoy the city
#LeefLokaal #SameninDordrecht

We are allowed again! Finally, it is time to visit the city again, browse around in your favourite boutiques, go to the cinema, the museum and toast the weekend together. Dordrecht Marketing & Partners and the municipality of Dordrecht would like to invite all residents to come and enjoy everything that we have missed so much (obviously taking into account the measures in place at the time). They are doing this with an original postcard campaign. This week, all Dordrecht residents will receive a postcard on the mat with a beautiful illustration by Petra Brouwer ( The card contains an appeal: come and enjoy the Dordrecht you have been missing, and support the local entrepreneurs. A nice bonus is the free shopping bag that people can pick up at the VVV until 27 February. This canvas bag also contains an illustration by Petra. Fun and handy for all your local shopping. Are you coming too? Because when we are together, Dordrecht is at its most beautiful! #samenindordrecht

Live locally #SamenInDordrecht!

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