Saint Elizabeth's Flood_1421 - Dordrecht
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600 years of the St Elizabeth flood

600 years of the Elizabeth flood, a theme year full of special, inspiring and exciting activities. The theme year runs from May 2021 to September 2022.
Fate struck exactly 600 years ago. In 1421, the dykes of the Groote or Hollandsche Waard broke. The Sint Elisabethflood inundated an extensive area around Dordrecht. The city was spared by this natural disaster. Flooded areas only dried up years later, changing the landscape. Creeks, rushes and reed beds were formed in the area that was later named Biesbosch: the largest freshwater tidal area in Europe.

The night of 18 November 1421

The night of 18 November 1421: a fierce storm breaks the dykes and causes one of the worst floods in Dutch history: the Sint Elisabethflood. People died, villages drowned, the Biesbosch was formed.

A disaster of 600 years ago, but more topical than ever. Because the water is coming again, as a result of the global climate crisis. How will we keep our feet dry this time? What have we learned from then?

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The website 600 years St Elizabeth flood

Because of the theme year from May 2021 to September 2022, a special theme website has been created. Would you like to know more about the disaster and the story behind it? The storm had disastrous consequences, causing entire villages to disappear and new nature areas to be created. Read more about the water then and now because the water is coming 'again'. You will also find which publications and books have been published about the disaster and interesting places to visit.

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National Park the Biesbosch - nature Dordrecht

Save Dordrecht from flooding

With, you can experience Dordrecht as one large escape room. With your mobile phone in your hand, you experience an exciting adventure in which you travel through time. At various locations, you will learn more about the history of Dordrecht and its eternal struggle with the water: from the Sint Elisabethflood to the future.

Elisabeth will take you by the hand on your quest. But we need you to solve the mysteries. Can you, Elisabeth and your friends save Dordrecht from another flood?

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Stories of Dordrecht (no. 7): The Saint Elizabeth Flood

Booklet from the series 'Verhalen van Dordrecht' about the Saint Elizabeth flood, which took place in 1421.
Dordt Vlogt Saint Elizabeth's Flood Dordrecht

Dordt Vlogt: 600 years of the Elizabeth flood

11 November 2021
Saint Elizabeth's Flood_1421 - Dordrecht

600 years of the St Elizabeth flood

Flood route Dordrecht
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Flood route

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