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The Witt: cultural hotspot in new look

A complete metamorphosis: that is how you can safely call the transformation of brasserie and film theater De Witt. Where cinema The Movies used to be, the finishing touches have just been put on a movie theater and brasserie that are completely contemporary.

Opened last weekend, the new place-to-be in Dordrecht: De Witt!

Remodeled and totally new

Anyone who steps inside De Witt probably doesn't quite recognize the old location. The movie theaters are still the same in appearance, but the rest has changed completely. The overall concept and the building were given a new look. The interior has been renewed - fresh, designer and totally up-to-date. The renovation also made the building much more spacious than before. Empty spaces? All a thing of the past thanks to the metamorphosis of the well-known building. Previously the film was the main focus, now hospitality and film are equally important. They reinforce each other, also because of the professionalism of the hospitality industry. Fortunately, because this makes it even more enjoyable at De Witt! Fortunately this is possible again, because the renovation is completed. From now on you are most welcome at the film theater and the brasserie.

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Only the very best films

One movie theater dropped out due to the renovation, but not to worry: plenty of movie theaters remain. And because there is now slightly less choice in theaters, one thing is certain - you will only see the very best films at De Witt! In the three larger movie theaters you will find over three hundred seats and in the smaller theater there is room for you. Yes, you read it right! You can rent this small room, or the film lounge, to show your own films to a company of your choice. So you can watch movies with a small group at De Witt. A special experience.

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Working together to strengthen each other

Now ready for the future, De Witt is looking beyond its own location. For example, there are several special collaborations with cultural institutions in the Hofkwartier. Whereby these institutions reinforce each other! These include a collaboration with the Kunstkerk. How? For example by a film screening at De Witt during exhibitions in that church. And since the Kunstkerk has a broad musical program, De Witt in turn can also join in. A win-win situation! 

De Witt culture food drink theater film Dordrecht (1)

The collaboration with the Dordrecht Museum is also even more intense than before. Looking for each other and making each other stronger: that is what Dennis van Buuren and Geert ter Steeg want with "their" De Witt. "We want to be the booster to get the flow of the public in the Hofkwartier going. We are happy to be able to do that with such a wonderful new location! Which, by the way, will soon also have a beautiful outdoor space designed by renowned garden designer Piet Oudolf. This month we are already seeing the outlines of that."

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