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VVV Dordrecht is there for tourists and residents

As a tourist in a foreign city, it is probably more obvious to visit the local tourist office than as a resident of the municipality. That's quite a shame, because the added value for the latter group is also obvious. Cécile Zanen should know. Her workplace is VVV Dordrecht at Spuiboulevard 99, the information center where everyone can go for all their questions and fun Dordrecht products.

The colleagues of the VVV in Dordrecht are there for tourists but certainly also for all residents of Dordrecht!

Fun local Dordrecht products

Of course, locals are among the 100,000 annual visitors to the VVV in Dordrecht, but a large proportion of residents have never seen the building on the Spuiboulevard from the inside. "While we have a lot to offer, also for Dordrecht residents. The residents who have crossed the threshold, for example, have questions about events, recreation in De Biesbosch and public transport, or they buy bicycle maps or local Dordrecht products and gifts. The latter is also very popular. It seems to me that the people of Dordrecht today are much more proud of and curious about their city than the islanders of the past.

Key chains, magnets, cushions and candles that include images of the Grote Kerk or Dordrecht City Hall are hugely popular, as are local specialties such as sheep droppings. These licorice are presented in a beautiful tin. Christmas baubles with hand-painted Dordrecht icons are also proving a hit."

Personal contact is paramount

With some regularity, Zanen sees Dordrechters standing in front of the counter who are in the company of out-of-town visitors. "They then want to show their family or friends around, but need a push in the right direction to do so. Sometimes I hear, 'I've lived in Dordrecht all my life and people say it's such a beautiful city.' That is certainly true, but you still often walk your regular shopping round through the center.' At such times we are here ready with great tips. A lot can be found online, of course, but the added value of VVV Dordrecht lies in the personal contact, the interactive environment and finding undiscovered gems.

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Be surprised by undiscovered gems

During a conversation, you soon find out where someone's interests lie. One likes to go to an exhibition at the Dordrecht Museum, while the other explores in and around Het Hof van Nederland. Moreover, it is not mutually exclusive. Dordrecht is fairly compact, so activities are generally easy to combine with each other." Zanen hopes that as many Dordrechters as possible will pay the VVV a visit. "It is certainly possible to still be surprised by your own hometown. There is always something unknown to discover. We like to put people on the right track!"

VVV Dordrecht, Spuiboulevard 99
VVV Dordrecht shopping Dordrecht products Dordrecht (1)

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