What better location for research into Dordrecht's rich past than the place where history was already being written in 1275? The Documentation and Knowledge Center is housed in the former Augustijnenklooster, right next to the Regionaal Archief Dordrecht and Het Hof van Nederland museum. As a result, the old monastery complex has become one large cultural-historical experience. The Dordrecht archives are being digitized at a rapid pace. This gives researchers access to many historical sources, libraries and image banks. These can be consulted on the Internet 24 hours a day. Characteristic of this development is that research is increasingly moving to the home environment, so that researchers hardly ever meet each other. We believe that this is a development that does not benefit historical research. Stichting Illustre Dordracum therefore wishes to support researchers and bring them into contact with each other! The Augustijnenhof gives researchers - young and old - the opportunity to exchange ideas about the history of our city. We also offer help in the area of historical research. This can be done by searching together in the collection of the Augustijnenhof or in the numerous digital sources available on the Internet. Whether it is about reading old scripture, substantiating a research or supervising a thesis, our volunteers are happy to help you on your way. The Augustijnenhof has various facilities and equipment to help visitors.

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