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As soon as the sun shows itself, it is great to go outside with the children. In Dordrecht, there are plenty of nice playgrounds. On this page, you will find an overview of all of Dordrecht's large playgrounds (associations) and for each neighborhood, we will point out a few small playgrounds. But above all, go and discover them for yourself! You can find some in every neighborhood...

Public playgrounds Dordrecht

Playground Park Merwestein

Park Merwestein

Wantijpark playground


Weizigtpark playground park Dordrecht


De Elzen Biesbosch play forest children Dordrecht

Play Forest the Alder

Sterrenburg Park nature playground


Recreational beach the Merwelanden


Playground Cowfield


Maris Square playground

Maris Square

Playground District Park

District Park

Become a member or volunteer

Dordrecht has had a number of playground associations for years. These were all created by neighborhood initiative and are managed by volunteers. Every year, all kinds of activities are organized: Koningsdag, opening party, summer vacation activities... Very pleasant for both parents and children! The associations have become a place of gathering, where you can get to know your neighbors better. Do you also want more contact with your neighborhood? The associations are almost always looking for volunteers! For more information, visit the site of the playground association in your neighborhood. Or, of course, you can just walk by!

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Playground Associations Dordrecht

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Playground Oosterkwartier Dordrecht

East Quarter

Seaport quarter neighborhood and playground association

Seaport Quarter

WSV Stadspolders


The little ones in the neighborhoods

There are lots of small playgrounds in the center of Dordrecht and especially in the neighborhoods around it. Too many to list them all here. Here are a few tips for each neighborhood, but be sure to explore and discover for yourself! It is best to search for the mentioned playgrounds in Google Maps.

Little ones in the center: playground Cornelis van Beverenstraat, playground Singel, playground Tolbrugkamp, playground Lastig Eendstraat;

Little ones in Krispijn:playground Vlietweg,playground Houweningestraat,playground Violenstraat,playground Emmastraat,playground Sweelinckplein,playground Helenastraat,playground and soccer field Pr. Irenestraat,playground Jozef Israëlsstraat;

Little ones Land of Falcon:swings and slides Learning Park Promenade;

Little ones Dubbeldam:playground Dubbelmondepark/ Overkampweg,playground Nijhofflaantje,playground Beelaertspark,playground Damplein,playground Dubbelsteynlaan Oost,playground Couperusstraat,playground Prunuslaan/Krommezandweg,playground Larikstraat,playground Groenhove;


Little ones Sterrenburg:playground Kleine Beerstraat,playground Rigelhof,playground Heelalstraat,playground Kinkelenburg,playground Zuilenburg,playground Arentsburg,playground Waterman,playground Luchtenburg,playground Loevestein,playground and soccer field Wittenstein;

Little ones Oudelandshoek:playground Amazon,playground Flamingo path,playground Colorado,playground Iroko,playground Marowijne,playground Azobé,playground Palissander/Toekan path;

Little ones Stadspolders:playground Meranti,playground Van Doesburg-Erf,playground Bakema-Erf,playground Berlage-Erf,playground Van Den Broef-Erf,playground Rietveld-Erf,playground Johanna Naber-Erf,playground Boris Pasternak-Erf,playground Frida Katz-Erf,playground Joke Smit-Erf;

Little ones De Hove:playground Grimaldihof,playground and soccer field Liechtensteinhof.

Last tip: with this outdoor play map you can easily find the playgrounds in your neighborhood! Or check out the KidsKaart Dordrecht with fun places and things to do or visit (almost) for free.

Weizigtpark park Dordrecht playground children

Indoor Fun

Children's parties
Sports venues

Mountain Network Dordrecht

Maria Montessorilaan 3a
Room hire & Party venues
Children's parties
Sports venues
Team outings

Bowlmore Dordrecht

Baanhoekweg 1
Children's parties
Sports venues
Meeting venues

Sportboulevard Dordrecht

Fanny Blankser-Koenweg 10
Children's parties
Meeting venues

National Museum of Education

Burgemeester de Raadtsingel 97


There are also many nice public sports fields and skate parks in Dordrecht. You can easily find them via Google Maps.

  • Tennis table Matthijs Balenstraat
  • Skatepark Energy Square
  • Skate park, soccer and basketball court Halmaheira Square
  • Skatepark Dokweg
  • Climbing frame, soccer and basketball court Repelaer Standhasen Street
  • Climbing frame, soccer and basketball court Repelaer Sterrenburg
  • Soccer field Wantijdijk/Bilderbos stadspolders
  • Soccer field Lepenlaan/Oudendijk Dubbeldam
  • Basketball court Nicolaas Beetsplein Krispijn
  • Soccer field Nassauweg Krispijn
  • Soccer cage Johan the Oudestraat/Mecklenburgstraat
  • Wittenstein soccer field
Dordrecht Skatepark

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