Dordt Culture Night

Dordt Culture Night - Dordt vlogt

Today Vera Britt tells what is being done during the Dordt Culture Night; one of Dordrecht's special events. During the vlog she will visit all the locations which each contribute to the evening in their own way. The first stop is at Het Onderwijsmuseum, located west of the Central Station. The second stop is 'Door Dordrecht', a creative work and meeting place. The third stop is Café Buddingh and the fourth is Stadsbibliotheek AanZet.

The last three stops are the Dordrechts Museum, Schouwburg Kunstmin and the Energiehuis. The Dordrecht Museum is located right in the centre, while Kunstmin and the Energiehuis are right outside the centre. So you see that there is culture to be found throughout Dordrecht.

Are you also curious about what culture Dordrecht has to offer?