Wander through the city centre of Dordrecht online

Wander through the Dordt city centreDordt vlogt

Discover Dordrecht in a new way and get to know the city even better! We bring Dordrecht to you so that you can experience it from the comfort of your own home.
Vlogster Britt, together with tourist guide Lisette, will show you how much fun Dordrecht has to offer! They will take you through intimate streets and corners, past monuments and historic buildings.

I am curious to see whether I can show you, as a Dordtian, some new things!
- Lisette - VVV city guide

The route starts at the statue of Ary Scheffer on the Scheffersplein. This famous painter lived in Dordrecht and many of his works are on display in the Dordrecht Museum. Did you know that Dordrecht used to be a real wine city? Names such as Wijnbrug and Wijnhaven are reminders of that time. Lisette also tells about the many almshouses in Dordrecht. Watching this vlog will make you want to visit all the hofjes in Dordrecht. Download the route description or walk the route with your phone.

All these beautiful monuments have their own story like the Huis de Onbeschaamde. Lisette tells the story behind this special name. The route takes you further to the three-river point with the beautiful Groothoofdspoort, a striking spot on the water. In the Hof van Nederland you have a front row seat to the First Free States Meeting of 1572. Lisette gives you a wealth of information about the hidden history of Dordrecht. You see the old prison cells in the attic of the City Hall and beautiful shining stained-glass windows of the Grote Kerk. But also the lurid story about the lynching of the Gebroeders de Witt has its origins in Dordrecht. After this story, feel like walking through the city yourself?
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