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Completely renewed Biesbosch Centre

What is the core of the Biesbosch? With this question, a working group consisting of volunteers and professionals set to work. After thorough research, the following themes emerged: beavers, water, birds, plants and the history of the vast nature reserve that is always on the move. Together, they form the thread of the interactive exhibition in the renewed and modernised public area of the Biesbosch Centre.

The aim of the new exhibition is to take the knowledge, ideas and tips you gather along the way and then go outside. After all, the Biesbosch is something you really experience outside in nature.

From inside to outside

Coordinator of public activities Martine de Koning is happy with the result. "It has turned out beautifully. It's a real shame that we can't share it with visitors yet. The five themes each have their own route. By following these, you can discover more and more about the Biesbosch. For the children, we have a surprising but also educational treasure hunt. The aim of the exhibition is to go outside with the knowledge, ideas and tips that you take away along the way. After all, you really experience the Biesbosch outside in nature.

Biesboschcentrum Dordrecht

Renewed beaver forest

"It is, of course, nice that people can enjoy a walk in the recreation area. Fortunately, the rental of whisper boats, canoes and SUPs is also possible again. The beaver forest, next to the visitor centre, has also been renewed and is certainly worth a visit. The artificial lodge has been renewed, as well as the information boards. The two beavers that used to live in the enclosure are no longer there.

By now, the beaver population has grown to such an extent that it is easy to spot them in their natural habitat by taking a walk, excursion or sailing trip. If you do not see the beavers themselves, at least traces of them can be found. Apparently, they are having a good time in the Biesbosch. There are now more than three hundred beavers living in the area. For the beaver forest, we also have a new treasure hunt. It will soon be on sale at the Biesbosch Centre.

Klimbos BiesboschcentrumDordrecht beaver forest

Great views from the terrace

"We are in talks with the Klimbos to offer a joint programme. It is a fantastic addition to our educational offerings. We look forward to offering visitors to the area even more with a stop at the Biesbosch centre. It will be even better when the catering facilities, including the terrace with its great view, will open. In any case, we are ready for it.

Biesboschcentrum Dordrecht, Baanhoekweg 53, Dordrecht.

Biesboschcentrum Dordrecht

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