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Good intentions in Dordrecht

2022 has begun! A year can't start without good intentions and that's why you'll read here the best tips that will make it a lot easier to keep them too. Read on quickly for inspiration and start the good resolutions with the cutest tips in your pocket.

Keep up the good intentions for 2022 with the best tips in Dordrecht!

Less stress, more relaxation

Stop and relax more often to reduce stress in 2022. Do this by enjoying a delicious coffee or tea to go with something sweet from Café Flora, Hazel or Christa's Cookies. Reading a book is also the perfect way to relax so call and order your favorite book at Vos & van de Leer Bookstore and snuggle up on the couch. New things in your home like a candle or scented sticks can also make you feel relaxed so let the Woonmol know what you are looking for and they will set it up for you. You can relax all day by having a relaxing scent around you by clicking & collecting a lovely perfume at Vicino Sei. Looking for more inspiration? 

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Away from the screen, on to the outside

Even though the gyms are unfortunately still closed, there are plenty of fun ways to get your exercise in Dordrecht. There are many different workouts available using only your own body weight and outdoor sports equipment. These machines can be found throughout Dordrecht so there is always one nearby. The equipment can be found in the Weizigtpark, Wantijpark (including trim track), Leerpark, Sterrenburgpark and Overkamppark. For the running fanatics, Dordrecht is a beautiful setting for running: run along the many waterways, traverse the historic city center or seek peace and quiet in the Biesbosch. Prefer to get your exercise a little calmer? A brisk walk does wonders too! Walk around Dordt or stroll through the Weizigtpark with its many footpaths and benches.


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Healthy and delicious food

In Dordrecht there are many options to eat delicious and healthy food! Not yet in the restaurants themselves, but fortunately there is plenty of good food to take away. Start the day with coffee and a vegan banana bread from Coffeelicious, lunch with an avocado sandwich from Het Magazijn and in the evening enjoy a fresh stew from Finn's To Go

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Paying more attention to others

Giving attention to others is especially needed during these times. Let it be known that you are thinking of someone and give a nice plant or bunch of flowers from Vreeken's Seeds or Floral Ecstasy as a gift. Also, grab your phone a little more often, not to scroll, but to ask how someone is doing. Another nice gift to give is the Doe Dordrecht Kadobon: a local gift certificate that can be spent at more than 100 locations in Dordrecht. Search together online for the best offers or plan a fun day of shopping in Dordrecht as soon as the weather permits!

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