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The VVV webshop has been updated with great new Dordrecht products! Take a quick look and get inspired. There is a fun birthday calendar and family week planner, there is plenty to read, there are craft creations and a cool Dordrecht black and white line.

Discover now the new Dordrecht products in the VVV webshop

Dordt Cottages

Petra Brouwer draws the most beautiful Dordrecht buildings and houses on request but also has very nice articles with Dordts Huisjes for everyone. There is a handy family week planner (€18.95) with a different Dordts House on it every 4 weeks. There is room for up to 5 names and also space for a to-do list. So you have a handy overview per week that also looks very cozy! Also handy: you can start at any time because there are no week numbers attached. The Dordtse Huisjes birthday calendar (€15.95) is also a treat to have in your home. Every month a new Dordts Huisje and enough space to write down all the birthdays. These products are also fun to give as typical Dordrecht gifts.

Dordt houses family week planner

Dordrecht black and white line

A new cool line of Dordrecht products was also developed in 2022. The products all have a cool black-and-white design with Dordrecht written in a variety of ways. There are numerous products available in the webshop. There are napkins, notebooks, boxers and socks. For the real kitchenprincess, there are oven gloves, an apron, tea towel and potholder. There is also a large mug in black and white with bold letters on it. In short, fun and original gifts, for every occasion! Prices range from €3.95 to €13.95.

Sheep's head

People from Dordrecht are also called sheep heads, which is why there are all kinds of cute sheep items for sale in the VVV webshop. For example, a soft toy for €14,95 for the little sheep. For older children there is a cardboard sheep for €7,95 which you can put together yourself and decorate afterwards. There is also a glitter sheep keychain for €4,25 or a magnet for on the fridge (€4,50). Looking for a gift for a sweet tooth? A can of Dordtse Schapenkeutels (€5.95) is always good and is sure to put a smile on their face!


Letter food

The book The Netherlands has everything (€20.00) by Nicolette van Dam and Bas Smit is for sale in the VVV webshop. Bas and Nicolette have also been to Dordrecht and share the best tips about it. They have been to all provinces before writing this book so this book can be used anywhere in the Netherlands. There are also many interesting background stories for sale in the webshop (€4.75 each), so you can learn all about Italians inDordrecht, the Dordrecht almshouses, Sint Elisabethsvloed and much more. Dordrecht and the Drechtsteden from the clouds (€39.95) is highly recommended for those interested in beautiful images.

book Netherlands has everything

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