Hotel Villa Augustus

A hotel in the water tower on the Wantij with 45 rooms. Twenty rooms are located in the water tower. There are four rooms on each floor. The rooms are light and all have a special view. There are also 17 garden rooms and 8 floating rooms.

Looking out of the windows of the rooms on the north-western side with a view of the Wantij, you can see part of the rivers. The sunset is spectacular. The rooms on the south-east side of the hotel have a view of the vegetable garden. A peaceful scene: people working and walking in the garden, with the restaurant in the pump house in the background.

There are rooms in the annexes and rooms in the garden: you just step from your hotel room into the garden. Then there are two special rooms: The Giardino Secreto; a secret garden, with a gazebo. The room with the panoramic view on the roof of the tower, overlooks Dordrecht in a panoramic view. In clear weather, you can even see the Euromast in Rotterdam.

Meeting venue
Like the restaurant, the Water Tower stands in the middle of the garden. In the former machine room on the ground floor are the Moestuinzaal and the Wantijzaal. Both rooms (approx. 80 m²) are atmospheric and have retained their industrial character. French doors lead to the terrace, where the mulberry trees provide refreshing shade on summer days.

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