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Walking routes Dordrecht

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Dordrecht is worth seeing, so discover the most beautiful spots with a nice city walk. Dordrecht offers all kinds of fun walking routes for tourists who want to explore the city as well as for groups who would like to walk along with a VVV guide. Below, you will find all kinds of information about walking routes through the city and the Dordrecht city walk. The island of Dordrecht also offers opportunities for nature walks. Get a walking booklet from the VVV or look in the VVV web shop.

Your own tour of Dordrecht

Dordrecht is beautiful with all its monuments, historic inner city and special shops. The 'Rondje Dordt' will take you past the most beautiful spots in historic Dordrecht. Along the way, you can visit a museum, go shopping or enjoy a cup of coffee on a terrace. The route is 5 km and you can walk it using the walking booklet or follow the signs for 'Rondje Dordt'.

Take a stroll through Dordrecht with your smartphone in your hand. In the izi-Travel app, you will find various routes through the inner city of Dordrecht. Along the way, you will receive (spoken) information and photos of the sights.

Walking Tour: Rondje Dordt Check out the audio tours from iziTravel

Take a walk with a guide from VVV

Of course, you can discover all the beauty that Dordrecht has to offer on your own, but also consider walking with one of our experienced guides on Saturday mornings. They will tell you the funniest anecdotes and best stories that you have probably never heard before. For example, do you know why the people of Dordrecht are also called 'Schapenkoppen'? And do you know that Dordrecht is the oldest city in Holland?
No. You will find out during this pleasant and informative walk, which starts at the VVV Tourist Office at Spuiboulevard 99.

Register quickly with the VVV at: or 078-751 3000.
When: April through October (not on April 27, May 25 and September 14)
Time: Saturday from 11.30 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Cost: €7.50 p.p.

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Exploring Dordrechtwith a group

Take a walk with a VVV guide and you will look at the city with completely different eyes. Dordrecht is surprising for everyone and the VVV guides bring the city and its history to life in a fun way. Small groups of up to 8 people can walk with a VVV guide by appointment. The costs are € 50 for groups of 1-4 people, and € 10 for each additional person. Please contact VVV Dordrecht for more information.

If you are with a larger group, please contact the Group Day Tours department for a tailor-made tour for your group. The guides have an extensive knowledge of the city and speak several languages. The tour can be tailored to your wishes and the interests of the group. Tours can be booked all year round, every day of the week.

View the possibilities
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Various Boarding walks

You can join several organizations that organize boarding walks. Ontdek Dordrecht and Gilde Dordrecht offer surprising and interactive tours through the historic center of Dordrecht.
If you prefer to explore nature, you can sign up for walks with IVN or combine your walk with a canal cruise from the Biesboschcentrum Dordrecht.

Check the UITagenda for all dates and opportunities.

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Take a nice city walk through Dordrecht

All walking routes at a glance
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Treasures of Dordrecht

Street Art tour Dordrecht

Street Art Tour

City walk Dordrecht

Walking Tour: Rondje Dordt

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Children's walks

Otto e Mezzo - Terrace - Vismarkt - Nieuwe Haven

Dordts Beer and Wine Tour

Pandora Dordrecht

Art Tour Dordt

Flood route

Flood route

Walking in greenery

The Island of Dordrecht is a beautiful, varied and vast landscape. Anyone who loves hiking can enjoy it to the full. The walking network around Dordrecht is no less than 190 kilometers long, so you can walk endlessly. You will find peace, space, polders and water. All this makes the area an excellent walking area.

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Hiking maps in nature


Walking map Drechtsteden

Walking map with Drechtsteden walking route network.

Hiking Guide Hollandse Biesbosch

Hiking guide with 6 walks through the Dutch Biesbosch.

Walking map Dordrecht & Biesbosch

Walking map of the Island of Dordrecht and the Biesbosch.
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Nature walk

Nature trail & nature trail

4 Locations

Hiking trails NP De Biesbosch

Map of De Biesbosch National Park with walking routes and all cycle junctions.

Dordtse Waard route

Walking route on the island of Dordrecht (50 km).

Walking with app or online

The Water Comes Podwalk Dordrecht

Podwalk The Water Comes

Winaction in Dordrecht

Walking with your smartphone

App Save the City

Shopping Sarisgang ONLY Dordrecht

Shopping routes through the city

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City walks in Maps

Walking on the island of Dordrecht

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From Dordrecht to the Biesbosch

walking - nature

Hiking map of the region

Strolling around the island of Dordrecht

Nature - kingfisher - Biesbosch

Walk from the Biesbosch Centre

walking - cycling - nature

Discovering new nature

Dordrecht Walking Island - hiking - walking route
Dordrecht walking island
Tie your laces and go

Walking through historic inner city and Biesbosch nature

Dordrecht is Holland's oldest city with many faces, an island where everything and everyone will feel at home. Stroll through the historic inner city and marvel at the many (national) monuments, or through the polder and National Park the Biesbosch. It all comes together on the island of Dordrecht. The Dordrecht City Walk will take you past all of Dordrecht's highlights. Or walk one of the many walking routes along art and antique shops and courtyards or do a shopping tour.

Are you coming to Dordrecht with a group? Then contact the Group Day Trips department of the VVV to plan your walk.

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