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Day trip to Dordrecht in winter

A day out in Dordrecht is wonderful in winter. Discover National Park the Biesbosch in a winter setting, dive into a cozy coffee shop and enjoy a good dinner. End the evening with a show, movie and nice drink.

09:00 National Park the Biesbosch

Your (re)exploration begins in the green backyard of Dordrecht. Be amazed by the winter splendor in National Park de Biesbosch. No piece looks the same. Grab a bike (you can rent one from the VVV (tourist information office) or take a refreshing walk and enjoy the details. Make the exploration as big as you want. You'll spot birds, fish and maybe even a beaver. The maze of creeks, meadows, water and willow forests is magical.

National Park de Biesbosch autumn nature dog Dordrecht

12:00 Historic downtown

Little gates, cozy streets, more than 1,000 monuments and hidden courtyards.... After a morning in nature, it is time to visit the historic center of Dordrecht. Get a typical Dordrecht Appelmarijn at Banketbakkerij van der Sterre, climb the Grote Kerk, photograph the nicest vistas, visit the unique Kunstkerk, and enjoy yourself in cozy coffee shops. Taste the rich history as you stroll past more than 1,000 monuments and stop by the VVV for in-depth information.

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18:00 Extensive dinner out

After a full day outside, it's time to sit down for a good dinner. Enjoy seafood dishes at Restaurant de Stroper or go for dinner in the monumental building of Merz. Dine in a former post office at the appropriately named "Restaurant Post. In the mood for poffertjes and pancakes? Then sit down at Visser's Poffertjes, a household name in Dordrecht.

Poffertjes Vissers Dordrecht

20:00 Enjoying culture

Dinner tasted good, but now it is time to get a taste of culture in Dordrecht. You can do this by watching a movie in De Witt. A unique experience because this is a cinema in a monument. Or you can enjoy a theater performance in Kunstmin, often awarded by artists as the most beautiful theater in the Netherlands. This national monument was built in 1889. It is clear: in a true monument city like Dordrecht, you can enjoy culture in monuments.

Schouwburg Kunstmin theatre culture going out Dordrecht

23:00 Drinks with bites

After the performance, it's time for a nice drink. Take a seat in the cozy interior of the Magazijn, Finn's or BRUT Food & Wine bar. Here you can order a drink with some goodies and enjoy a nice evening in Dordrecht. 

Restaurant Het Magazijn food and drink Dordrecht

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